Friday, February 15, 2013

The Borgias

Last night I sat down to finally watch a DVD I received for Christmas. It was The Borgias, a 2011 historical fiction television series created by Neil Jordan.

The series is set around the turn of the 16th century, and follows the Borgia family, an Italian dynasty of Spanish origin. It stars Jeremy Irons as Pope Alexander VI with François Arnaud as CesareHolliday Grainger as LucreziaDavid Oakes as Juan and Aidan Alexander as Gioffre Borgia.  Colm Feore also stars as cardinal della Rovere.
The Borgias takes place during a time period that I love to study and so I have been anticipating seeing it.  Finally, I had some free time last night to watch it. I had not opened the package before last night, and to my great disappointment, I opened the package only to find that inside was the show Entourage instead of The Borgias.  So there was no Borgias to be seen last night.

Next, I decided to watch an old show that I loved as a kid that has recently come out on DVD ,Tales of the Golden Monkey. More than likely, none of my readers has ever heard of the show.  It only lasted one season and starred Stephen Collins.  Anyway, after I put it in the DVD player, I decided I really wanted to watch something less wholesome, so instead, I began watching the fourth season of True Blood.  Not quite as unwholesome as porn might have been, but pretty damn close.  I love the show, even if its not the greatest television.  It just has plenty of eye candy.  The only bad thing is that I am pretty sure that I have not seen season three like I thought I had.  Oh well, it was still fun to watch.


iama{GAY}tkeeper said...

Can't wait for the new season!

Jay M. said...

I hate when you open an anticipated gift and it just isn't there! Too bad that it's probably not worth the trouble to try to exchange it.

Peace <3