Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Disadvantage of Spring

I blogged about the beautiful flowers of spring on Monday and Tuesday.  It is the most beautiful time of year in Alabama, but there is one major disadvantage.  POLLEN!  Pollen is the worst culprit and along with spring weather in which Mother Nature acts as if she has multiple personality disorder, you have a bitch of a season for you sinuses.  The weather has been going from the 30s to the 80s back and forth.

I woke up yesterday morning not understanding why I was in such a pissy mood, then the headache and sinus pressure began, and I fully understood the reason.  My nose began to burn, my head felt like it would explode, and I found my temper to be getting shorter and shorter.  I never feel that a sinus headache is a reason to miss work, so off I go to teach again today.  I doubt my mood will get any better today than yesterday.  I will do my best though to keep my temper in check and not take it out too much on the students.


Knoxxy said...

sorry about the allergies.

Coop said...

Sorry to hear that Joe. Allergy will be over soon enough, right?

silvereagle said...

Without the rain, there would be no joy in the sun.
Without the cold, there would be no joy in the warmth.
Without the hill, there would be no joy in the valley.
If it were paradise each day, we would wake up once more and say "It is just another shitty day in paradise."
Without the pollen, there would be no rejoicing when it is gone and we can breathe once more!

Michael said...

Nice to see me on your blog. The picture was taken 1992 at the border of the baltic sea. Those were the days... If you like, visit me on my tumblr:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the coat of yellow crap is starting to show up every morning on the truck, and it just continues through the day. No worries, it'll be over soon, then it will be too hot to think!

Peace <3

iama{GAY}tkeeper known as thegaytekeeper said...

I know the feeling