Thursday, May 16, 2013

Exam Time

I was working late into the night last night making out exams and study materials for my students.  Semester exams are next week and today and Monday are review days.  These are always busy days trying to help the students prepare for their exams.  Other than that, there is not much to write.  Students never realize the amount of work teachers put into preparing their education.  If they did, maybe they would study harder.  Nah, probably not.


silvereagle said...

" If they did, maybe they would study harder. Nah, probably not."

Know you are 100% correct in this statement!1 Many would prefer that you not only give the exam, but that you take it for them!!! (left off the dangling participle ,)

David Jeffreys said...

I've wondered how an exam is constructed. Does the professor/teacher purposely make it hard or easy, or some of both? Does the instructor want their students to get high grades? Is the exam constructed so that it is easy to grade such as only multiple choice answers graded by computer? Perhaps, the instructor wants to gain more insight into the abstract thinking of the student by giving essay questions.

How is an exam constructed???


Anonymous said...

Have fun! Our online, high stakes Standards of Learning testing starts next week. I am looking forward to total pandemonium and panic every time the network hiccups.

Peace <3

the island guy said...

I sense that you sincerely want your students to succeed. Very admirable :) Good luck to them!