Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Team Blake

I'm not much for reality TV, or the different contest shows, but every now and then I really get into one of these shows.  This year it is The Voice on NBC.  With Shakira and Usher replacing Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green, season four couldn't be better.  I'm also fully behind Team Blake, who has chosen some tremendous talent this year.  If you aren't a fan of The Voice, and you love great country music (I'm not a huge country music fan, but I love a great country song.  There is some other music as well besides country.), then you should be watching The Voice.  Coach Blake Shelton has chosen all country singers this year, and in my opinion, he should be blowing all of the rest of the competition out of the water. All of the judges have talented team members, but to me, none compare
 to Blake's.  So, I will introduce them to you.

MY FAVORITE:  The Swon Brothers

THE ALABAMA BOY:  Justin Rivers

SWEET SIXTEEN:  Danielle Bradbury

THE KNOCKOUT:  Holly Tucker

I don't want to see any of Team Blake go, but one will be eliminated on tonight's show.  If I were to chose the one to go in this knockout round, it would have to be Holly Tucker.  Colton and Zach to me are the strongest as The Swon Brothers.  They have the energy and the talent, and as Shakira said last night, "There music is comforting."  As a fellow Alabamian, I have to also pull for Justin.  He's cute and has a star quality about him that can't be denied.  Danielle is going to be the darling of this competition.  At only sixteen, she has a big voice, one that will take her far.  Holly though just did not stand out that much for me.  Blake chose great songs for his team and I wish them all the best tonight.

UPDATE:  I can't believe that America voted Holly Tucker as their favorite from Team Blake.  Their second favorite was Danielle, leaving Blake to have to chose between Justin Rivers and The Swon Brothers. Blake chose The Swon Brothers. I hated to see Justin go.

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Coop said...

I was on Team Blake even before "The Voice". teehee.