Monday, July 1, 2013

A New Man in My Life

I have finally found a boyfriend.  He's muscular and handsome, and he really seems to love me.  He's a sharp dresser with a propensity for wearing black.  He love to be around me, and wants to be wherever I am. He begs to share my bed and he loves to cuddle.  He's also a nice mixture of brains and braun. What more could I ask for?  A lot actually, because there are a few problems with this new man in my life.  He's a got mischievous.  He's scared of bad weather.  He has a jealousy streak a mile wide, and he belongs to someone else.

Not to mention, he's not the ruggedly handsome man in the picture above; he's a cat.  He's not the cat in the picture, but he looks a lot like him, and loves to cuddle like the fellow above does.  Also, HRH, my longtime part Siamese gray tabby, hates him with a passion.  Her jealousy is even stronger.  She hisses and attacks anytime he tries to be near me.  Also, he's my roommate's cat, but he's abandoned her for me.  He does everything he can to get in my good graces, but he can be destructive if I ignore him.  At first, I didn't particular like him, and I seemed to challenge his male dominance.  He also liked to aggravate HRH.  However, HRH gets the best of him, and he constantly has to pussyfoot around her.

I call him the Black Prince, BP for short.  He's only a prince because the true queen of the house is HRH. As long as I pay BP attention when HRH is not around, things go well.  He likes to cuddle with me when I take a nap during the day, and when HRH is elsewhere in the house.  When he's not cuddling with me, he right outside my door waiting for the chance to be near me.  He's grown quite attached to me, and would be with me 24/7 if HRH would allow it.

So that's the new man in my life.  Yes, this has been a silly post, but I'm a cat person.  One of my friends calls me the "cat whisperer" because cats seem to be drawn to me and I have a way with them.  Silly as it may be, I just wanted to share with you guys the new man in my life.

Mark Twain once said, "When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction."  I think Mr. Twain has something there.


Jay M. said...

I love silly posts, but I was ready to shout YAY FOR YOU and WOE IS ME!!!! I am, after being attacked by a cat and 2 days later in the ER, not a huge cat lover, though like humans, I try hard not to blame all animals for the acts of a few. HAHAHAHAH

I am happy you've found a proper suitor, and hope you have many happy years together, HRH not withstanding! She'll come around.

(Did I know you had a roommate? I thought you were living at home!)

Peace <3

Amanda said...

Animals really do love unconditionally even if they can be territorial sometimes! Enjoy the kitties. I can't have pets where I live so I have to enjoy everybody else's. :)

tonyitalian1951 said...

I do not care for cats, dogs m-a-y-b-e. I have a former relative who cared more for pets than people. I hope she will find a dog or a cat worthy of herself.