Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday

Did anyone go to the Black Friday sales? Did you find any great bargains?  If not, what are you doing today?

I did not go shopping.  Black Friday is always just too crazy.  I'm still at my parents' house.  My sister's family could not make it to our Thanksgiving because she went with her husband to his family's Thanksgiving. Since my sister was unable to make it yesterday, they are coming today to have lunch.  I was ordered to stay because my five-year-old niece has insisted on throwing me a birthday party.  So we will eat Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch, and then have cake and ice cream as a family celebration. You see, living in Alabama, a celebration could not take place on Saturday.  This Saturday is one of the most important days for any Alabamian.  It's the day of the Alabama vs. Auburn football game.  For many Alabamians, this is more important than the Super Bowl.  Honestly, I really don't care who wins this year.  Auburn is #4 and Alabama is #1 in the polls.  Whichever wins will go to the SEC Championship game.  If it is Alabama, it will be almost assuredly another step toward another National Championship; however, if Auburn wins, it is a possibility that they could jump to #2 in the polls and be poised for a National Championship.  Either way, a school from the state of Alabama is likely to be in the National Championship game for a fifth straight year.  Anyway, in Alabama, you can't plan anything before or during the game.  Plans after the game are likely to be determined by whether or not you're celebrating your teams victory or mourning its loss.  

With rivalry weekend in full swing, what football teams will you be pulling for?

I won't care either way about Alabama or Auburn.  I am most loyal to the football team at my graduate school.  Saturday is our last chance of the season to win our first game in two years.  Our storied football program has suffered mightily these last two years.  I refuse to give up hope on my beloved, but downtrodden, team.  SMTTP!


jlo said...

I am off work until Monday and am just going to enjoy doing nothing. I hope you enjoy being with your family and have a great birthday party. LOVE AND HUGS

silvereagle said...

War Eagle! Roll Tide! I have friends on both sides of the line. Think the game will be a toss up, no matter what the papers say....It will be great for sure.

Do nothing on this sacred Saturday, other than the games!!! I have a good friend who will not go to a baby shower---for her sister in law-- because it is scheduled to be during the game time!!!!!

Happy Birthday!!! Blow out all the candles!!!

Coop said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday Joe. I was travelling last week & had not much time this week.

I am getting more anti-black Friday as I age. It's turned into a mob scene almost. Retail has poisoned the Christmas season in general.
Even people who do not celebrate Christ's birth take the time to be with loved ones or help the less fortunate. So why the "if you love him/her, you'll buy expensive stuff for him/her. AND he she it had better buy you something Big" routine.