Monday, November 4, 2013

Times Have Changed

Actually, it's just the time that has changed, and it drives me crazy.  I enjoyed having the extra hour of sleep yesterday, but I still woke up at the normal time to get ready for church.  Last night my body was not used to the time change and it felt like it was so late, but it was only 9pm.  I'm hoping I will get used to going to bed a bit early and thus get a better night's sleep, but I know once I get used to the time change, then I will be back to my old schedule again.  I just hope that for a few mornings that my body will think I'm sleeping late.

Maybe I will be in a better mood this week.  I really wasn't in a bad mood last week, but my students thought I was.  I was a raving bitch to my students, but most of that had to do with me not wanting to deal with their attitudes anymore.  This year I have more students who talk back or just refuse to stop talking and interrupting class, so I'm taking care of it once and for all.  They can either learn to act like students with manners who know how to behave like a proper student, or they can spend more and more time with our headmaster.  Hopefully, my students have learned their lesson, and it won't have to be a bitch this weeks too.

Here's hoping that we all have a wonderful week, and that the time change doesn't mess us up too much.


silvereagle said...

All of us have some bitch in us and it must get out from time to time....enjoy yours!!!

Coop said...

There's a pithy quote going around related to the clock change... I'm not sure if this was really said by an old Indian chief. Something like only the government would believe that it could take a foot off of the top of a blanket, sew it on the bottom of the blanket, and wind up with a longer blanket.

In short I think that changing the clocks is useless b.s. (-: