Friday, May 2, 2014


Yesterday was a long day, for a number of reasons.  There was just a lot to do.  I was talking with friend last night and after I mentioned how tired I was, he ordered me to bed.  As soon as we quit talking and I got undressed, my head hit the pillow and I was sound asleep.  I'm still a bit sleepy this morning.

Also, I got a bit of disappointing news yesterday.  Kacey Musgrave and Kip Moore aren't going to be with Lady Antebellum Saturday but Scotty McCreery an Love and Theft will be with Lady Antebellum.  The concert had been moved from a previous date to Saturday and I guess it messed up the schedules of the artists.  I really had wanted to see Kacey.


silvereagle said...

Rest after school today...and then get to the concert and enjoy it!! Know it will be a good escape for you from the day to day drudgeries of life.

crotchdiver1 said...

JB? Lady Antebellum? Really??? Shit, Greg is dragging me to a Cher concert on Monday which I (didn't) don't want to attend.

Want to swap a ticket?? [groan]

Man, I would KILL to hear them live singing Compass. I love that song.

Ugh. LOL

Anonymous said...

Yeah, maybe, but seeing Scotty McCreery in those tight jeans! HAHAHAHA (He's legal, you know!)

He performed near me, but I was too depressed to go to the concert alone. He's coming again, I am contacting the venue to see if I can shoot pics as MEDIA or something!

Peace <3