Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Garnishes by Micah Mora

By Micah Mora

Most peculiar -
The air is warm today
Shadowing my outsides
And blanketing my soul
Bare to the eye
My insecurity finds me
Binds me
Steals my breaths
As I count to ten
And see there's more to me hiding
Blow me fresh
And wisp away the delicacies
Running fingertips on mountain hills
And garnish each single strand
Most prolific in memory
Till at last
Like air
Thus wind
So befitting
Set me free

Micah Mora is a model, dancer, and above all an artists.  The picture above and below are of him, such a beautiful young man and a tremendous gay artist.  I happened across this poem on his Twitter (@MicahMora) and wanted to share it because I found it quite beautiful.

Free verse poetry can sometimes be difficult to comprehend, but I think the beauty of this piece speaks for itself.  I think we all have insecurities, and in a way, this is what I've talked about the last two days.  We have to "count to ten" and let go of those insecurities and be proud of who we are and continue on so the wind can set us free.

"I have a belief that romanticism is what keeps our hearts young and our minds free to wonder." - Micah Mora

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