Monday, July 7, 2014

Ironing Out the Details

There is one house chore I really hate to do, and that is ironing.  I hate it, but I also hate wearing wrinkled clothes.  I try to always take my shirts and pants out of the dryer as soon as they are done to prevent wrinkles but sometimes things happen that prevent that, or I forget.

I also prefer to mainly wear cotton and natural fibers (I'd wear linen more often but it wrinkles way too easily and must always be ironed).  However, my preferred solution would be to have this guy come and iron all my clothes for me and to do my laundry as I watch.  The more I think of it, I think the guy above is the best solution to my problem.  Now where do I find him?


silvereagle said...

Where to find him? Look in the mirror!!!! :-) :-)

Michael Dodd said...

Reminds me of a card I saw years ago. A shirtless hottie in boxers was ironing his shirts and the card said, "The good news, ladies, is that there are guys who will iron their own clothes." Inside it said, "And you already know the bad news."

It made the perfect birthday card for a friend who always ironed his shirts and who was male-model-gorgeous and totally sweet.

Anonymous said... :)

I hear he also guarantees a happy ending.

naturgesetz said...

What silvereagle said.

Some chores can even seem pleasant when done in the nude.

Anonymous said...

I buy clothing that doesn't have to be ironed. I hate it. Anything that must be ironed goes to the cleaner!

Peace <3

wholewheat said...

He is hot! And I am a total fan of your blog! Q: how do you always find pictures that exactly match your blog topics?