Saturday, July 5, 2014

Moment of Zen: Nieces and Nephews

I've always heard that nothing compares to being a parent, but it is unlikely that I will ever have children.  Why should I marry or have children? Straight people marry to have children, but I already have children! My niece and nephew are my children.  I love them dearly.  I had the joy of my life for a second time yesterday, as I held my nephew in my arms.  The first true joy was six years ago when I held my newborn niece.  To hold him in my arms and see his tiny hands and tiny feet, as he looks up at me....Well, the only thing that could possibly be better is holding a son or daughter of my own in my hands, but like I said, that is unlikely.  My niece and nephew are the next best thing and I love them with all my heart.


Michael Dodd said...

Sweet! I still remember holding my nephew for the first time. (He is now in his 30s with two kids of his own!)

Anonymous said...

Those two kids are lucky to have an uncle like you.

silvereagle said...

And you can send them back home to mother and daddy when you want!!! :-)

Susan said...

Congrats again, Joe. And I agree with silvereagle about being able to send them back to mom and dad when you want being the best part! :)

Anonymous said...

The sad part of about me staying in the closet so long is that it is very unlikely that I will ever experience parenthood. I parented vicariously for many years, and think I would make a pretty good dad. I know many young men that have made me wish I could raise one just like them.

That being said, silvereagle makes a good point: I love being able to say "here, this one's YOURS!"

Peace <3

JustinO'Shea said...

Aaaawww. . .JOE. . this photo snd your comments give me those nice feeley-touchey feelings and closeness and affection. . .Thanks for your comments:: always worth reading and reflection!
Really adds to post-hurricane Arthur with the sun and washed=clean earth. . . .that "thanK You, I am alive and delighting in Your gift!" Amen.
~~~ justin