Thursday, July 10, 2014


Yesterday was a day of reflection for me.  It was the anniversary of Grandmama's death, but also I need up going to a funeral with a friend and neighbor.  She had a former student die and that funeral was in the afternoon and then a young cousin die and the visitation that night was about two hours away.  She's an older lady, so I didn't want her to be driving that far at night by herself, so I went and drove.

So it was a day of reflection on the long and wonderful life of my grandmama and the death of two young people.  Grandmama was 89 when she died.  These young people were 21 and 18.  It shows how short life can be.  It was a sad day, but I was glad my friend didn't have to go through it alone.


silvereagle said...

Your "friend didn't have to go through it alone". because you were in fact a great and true friend....We all need those!!!

Daniel said...

You are indeed a good friend and a fine man.

JiEL said...

Time like these are special occasions to refocuse on our own lives and existences..

My dad past away, in front of me at the hospital, on March 25th.
He was 88 yo and 4 months.

The first time I ever witness the death of someone close to me...

That was so special and I couldn't stop my tears to come out and all those feelings turning around in my stomach..

But, the main lesson of my experience with his death is that we are not living long on this earth and, as my dad did, we must give the best of ourselves to the others...

LOVING and CARING for the others makes sense for our futile and so breef lives on earth..

Dad was one of the most honest and dedicated man I ever known.
Loved his wife for more than 70 years and us , his 3 children and many grand children..
He adored my grand-son Edward, and was always happy to see him even on his death bed..

Life is short, we must do our best to live it wothly..

Jean-Luc 63 yo.

Anonymous said...

That's a lot in one day. I am happy that you are strong enough to handle it all. What a great man.

Peace <3