Thursday, November 6, 2014


There were several things I could have written about today, but none that I either felt strongly enough about or had the energy to write about.  I had a great professional development meeting yesterday.  It was very interesting.  As a friend of mine said, I was in hog heaven.  However, my cold seems to only be getting worse, and after I got home, I watched the Country Music Awards and then I just wanted to go to bed.  So the question marks for the title are for two reasons: I had no idea what to title this post as, and I had no idea what to actually write about.  I wish I could just stay in bed today, but there is a ton of work waiting on me at school, so maybe I can get enough rest this weekend.


Michael Dodd said...

Hope you get to feeling better.

Have you considered publishing a book based on your favorite posts from your blog? You could select from your scriptural reflections, for example, or some other theme. I hope you are thinking along these lines in some way.

Mike said...

I've got a 4 day weekend this weekend.

silvereagle said...

Glad yesterday was a good one for you. We all need a break from the usual routine from time to time.
And I agree (and have said earlier) a book of your posts is a fantastic idea. Put me down for a signed autographed copy!!!

Amanda said...

I agree with the book idea! And, I hope you get to feeling better soon. :)

Jay M. said...

I really enjoyed the CMA show! My new home theatre sound system ROCKS!

Peace <3