Thursday, November 13, 2014

I Want To Know

A picture is worth a thousand words, or is it?  I want to know if you think this one is.

I saw this picture and was immediately intrigued.  I have my theories about why I find it so interesting, but I'm gonna do something a little different with this post.  I will post my thoughts on this picture tomorrow, but today I want to know what you think.  Do you find this picture interesting?  What about its aesthetic do you like?  Basically, what I asking my readers is: How do you feel when you see this picture?

I really am interested in what you'd guys think, so please comment.  Just tell me what pops in your mind when you see it.  I will have have my thoughts about this picture written up before I read comments but I wanted to see what you thought without any input from me.  Even if the photograph does nothing for you, you are welcome to tell me that too. 

By the way, I have no idea who took the photo nor do I know who the subject is. However, it did come from the blog Homodesiribus.


silvereagle said...

My first thought....Damn! He shows a cock in the picture...something not done very often...and it is nice.

My second thought...interesting composition, of what appears to be a young, but legal, male...having fun in the 'crick' on a lazy summer afternoon just like I did growing up.

I think it is worth posting again sometime!!!

Anonymous said...

Artistically, I think the composition is well done. The reflection in the water produces an out of focus effect which brings to mind Monet’s water lily paintings. The muted color palate creates a softness which is calming and pleasing. The photo makes me wonder why the guy didn’t take off his pants.

JiEL said...

To me this kind of suggestive pics are more interesting because our imagination is used to tease the one who is looking to them.

I refer to one example: the first "Alien" movie. The climax in this movie was growing more and more as the music and lack of images of the "alien" were building up the tension and the surprise effect. We ALL were expecting to SEE it in anytime of the movie...

Not seeing is more exciting than seeing all in a plain photo.

Like in love movies, not seeing is more arousing than seeing it all...
A book is often better than the movie because of the imagination we use to make the images if it.

Best regards.

PS. silvereagle, if you see a cock here, you have a BIG imagination... LOL !!!

silvereagle said...

JEL...Perhaps the imagination is big.... :-) :-)

Jay M. said...

Being a photographer, I love that this shooter took a completely different approach. It's what makes this art, and not just a nude (or lewd) picture. I would love to have had this inspiration.

Peace <3