Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Life of a Teacher

If you've never taught then you do not know how true this is.  You have to get together worksheets or a film or something constructive for the kids to do so that they aren't bored and drive the substitute crazy.  Sometimes that's a lot more work than just being there suffering through and teaching.  Many times I have gone in sick just because the task of getting together something else for the students to do was worse than actually going in.

Yesterday, I had to figure out assignments for all of my classes since I would not be at school today.  Even though I'm battling a cold, and would like to stay at home in bed, I actually have something I'd much rather be doing today.  Most teachers are going to think I'm crazy for wanting to do this, but I'm actually very excited.  I'm going to a professional development workshop today.  It's a topic that I love, and something that my master's degree was centered on, but I do expect to learn more about this area of the topic.

Unlike most of my students, I love learning new things.  I love being able to sit and listen to an expert and take notes.  Honestly, if I could be a professional student and make decent money doing so, I'd do it in a heartbeat.  However, unless I go back and get another master's degree, I think my days as a student are over, except for professional development.  Grant it, I'd love the chance to go back and get a degree in library science, counseling, American literature, or theology.  If I were independently wealthy, and never had to worry about money, I'd go for degrees in all four, and maybe a few languages too.  Until I win the lottery, those are just dreams.


silvereagle said...

Every occupation has its benefits and it's liabilities...often not known until experienced. Enjoy the seminar today...and finish that Ph.D!

the dogs' mother said...

I agree. When my BA was held up duet to a snafu I was secretly thrilled - does this mean I can go back to college?! Rats - snafu fixed.nI loved, loved, loved going back to school to study for a masters in teaching and would love the job of professional student.

Damien Malachy said...

These are not "just dreams" -- they are your dreams. Ask yourself each morning, what one thing can I do today to make one of my dreams closer to becoming a reality? Then do that thing.
Dream strong! Live long!

Jay M. said...

Our systems require teachers to have a "substitute folder" in the main office. If they call in sick, "subfinder", a web application, gets them a sub and when they report, they get handed the folder. Of course, teachers can update it any time they wish, but I'd bet 95% of them hand it in on day one, and never touch it again.

Peace <3

Mike said...

I love workshops - even if they aren't great - I get out of my classroom.

I hate planning for a sub. Fortunately i'm at a continuation school where its self paced and the kids work at their own pace. My sub plans are easy. I don't miss that. I would spend hours it seemed with my sister (my coworker) planning for our subs.

Mike said...

I'm not shopping for comments on my blog, but would appreciate some input on my blog post I just made from 1 educator to another.