Monday, March 30, 2015

Back to the Grind

Spring break is over and there are eight more weeks of school.  And thus begins the marathon.  I had such a wonderful and magical spring break, that it makes it even harder to return to school today.  However, my plan is to let my good mood shine through and hopefully it will rub off on the students.  I know that's wishful thinking, but good things are happening and I'm trying to be optimistic.  The best news is that it's a four day week.  We have Good Friday out of school.

I know this is a short post, and there were several things in the news from last week that I could talk about, but it seemed like a lot of the news was depressing.  California has a proposed ballot initiative that calls for killing gays with "bullets to the head."  Really, what kind of sick minds could actually propose such a thing, but one lawyer in California has done just that.  Furthermore, indiana has passed a new law which the governor signed which is a legalized form of discrimination against gay people, even though it's under the sick and misguided guise of "religious freedom."  What utter bullshit!  It's pure bigotry and has nothing to do with religious freedoms, because they are meant for people who call themselves Christian to refuse service to the LGBT community.  What they need is to be taught about "what would Jesus do" if they want religious freedom.  They should be doing all they can to help everyone and anyone, not finding ways to discriminate.  

There were other news related issues, but even thinking about gem make me sad and/or angry.  This week is Holy Week, and I plan to spend my week being optimistic and trying my best to love my fellow man, which I guess means being nice to my students, or at least as nice as I can be without losing control of them.

I hope everyone has a fabulous week.  I'm starting my morning with a cup of coffee, which always brightens my day and puts a pep in my step.


Dima said...

The depressing news is actually great news. The fight for LGBTQ progress needs to stay front and center in the press. The more visibility, the better for our side.

Jay M. said...

Our spring break is next week, so I am taking off Thursday/Friday/Monday to travel to WV/OH to visit family and friends!

It will be tough going back on that Tuesday.

Peace <3

Anonymous said...

There is such irony about those who spew hate in the name of Jesus, when Jesus represents pure love. I imagine those who do are going to be in for a big surprise when they meet their maker.

Anonymous said...

Arkansas just passed a similar bill and the governor says he'll sign it. There is no other reason for this legislation other than to allow prejudice and hatred under the guise of religios freedom. What a joke. I think I'll start a religion that takes issue with fucking idiots and allows me treat them like shit. Oh and i call myself Christian.