Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Break

Spring break is here.  No children for a week, then two months until summer.  I am so excited.  This has been a trying year at school, and I'm ready for it to be over.  Spring break always give the teachers the needed rest to persevere through the final two months of school;  spring break always seems to signal the end of the year for students. They think their work is done, but we have plenty more to do.

So you might ask what I am doing for spring break, well the above picture is NOT a hint, but a dream.  I'd love to find a semi-secluded beach and spend my week reading, soaking up the rays, and drinking coffee in the morning and tropical drinks all day, but kids are always at the beach for spring break and I want as far away from them as possible.

My boyfriend is therefore taking me hiking in the mountains of Alabama.  Yes, we do have mountains in Alabama, they just aren't very tall and they make up the most southern point of the Appalachain Mountains.  It's a three day, two night trip, but most of all, I get to spend that time with my boyfriend.  Maybe he will even pamper me a little bit.  The local restaurant on the mountain we are staying on serves local wines, muscadine and grape, which I'm looking forward to sampling.  I'm really not supposed to drink alcohol with my cluster headaches, but hopefully the new medicines I've been prescribed will help.  The real tricky part is going to be surviving the side effects of the prednisone dose pack my doctor has me taking.  Hopefully, the fresh clean air of the mountains will also help.


Susan said...

Your trip up and down the mountains sounds wonderful, Joe. But please do be extra careful about mixing your meds and alcohol. This is something to be taken seriously. Hope you and your guy have a great time. :)

Joe said...

Susan, I will be careful. Also, it's not the meds that are affected by the alcohol, it's can be a trigger for my headaches. However, I have found that one glass of a nice white wine doesn't have the same effect as beer or liquor. If I was told not to drink alco and take a medication, I wouldn't. I rarely drink anymore.

Amanda said...

Glad to hear you're going to enjoy yourself on spring break. Enjoy and try to relax. :)

jlo said...

Have a great time on you break. I was informed by my son today that they only have 29 days of school left this year. He is counting the days. lol

Rob said...

Your boyfriend? I guess I missed that new development.

Mike said...

Boyfriend... do tell!

Jay M. said...

Goodness, you're being hit by spam comments!

Our Spring Break isn't until April 6-10. I am going to visit family and friends after the boy's concert on Wednesday night. Coming back on Monday so I don't have to drive on Sunday with the crowds.

Hope you have a GREAT TIME!!! I am sure it will be good for you. No stress, boyfriend, fun!

Peace <3