Saturday, May 2, 2015

Moment of Zen: Your Comments

Reading your comments yesterday on my post  about my boyfriend were one of the highlights of my week.  The love and support you guys show is very humbling.  Thank you, very much.


Susan said...


GK said...

Thank YOU Joe... amongst other things, you show us daily that we can be gay without having to abandon our faith foundation in the process. I for one NEED that [shall we say] "Blessed Assurance". HUGS to you friend.

JiEL said...

Happiness brings more happiness..

As one famous song says:" All you need is LOVE..."

Having LOVE, sharing this LOVE is just great and brings us in that PERRRRRFECT world that we are hoping for..

Enjoy ALL what you're generously spread around you.

Amanda said...

Thank you for your blog and friendship. :)