Thursday, May 7, 2015

Time Management

Sorry y'all, I got so wrapped up in a project for school that when I finished, I realized it was far too late to write the post I had planned.  I also had a headache yesterday which didn't exactly motivate me to come up with an alternate topic. 
I know exactly what caused yesterday's headache.  I was outside yesterday with some of my classes, and it was so hot, that I got a tad overheated.  If I ever get too hot, especially when the sun is very bright, I never fail to get a headache.
For those of you who comment, if it gets more difficult to comment, meaning there are verifications to prove you're not a robot, then I'm sorry for the inconvenience.  I've been slammed by nearly a thousand spam comments in the last few days.  Adiba Akter needs to leave my blog alone and peddle his straight porn links elsewhere.  Straight porn...UGH!(shivers) gives me the willies, and I prefer only willies in my porn (no offense intended to the ladies).


Anonymous said...

We know you are teaching. Aren't you also working on your PhD or some advanced degree? How's that process going?

Susan said...

For the record, not offended by the straight porn comment. It's not my cup of tea either. And your "willies" remark was too funny. Hope you feel better today, and can stay out of the sun.

Michael Dodd said...

From time to time, my blog gets hit by spam masquerading as comments. It usually goes away after a few days or so. It is one reason I monitor and approve comments.

Actually, I like having to click an extra button to post something. It gives me another moment to decide if I want to send that remark out into cyberspace or not. This has saved me countless times from saying something stupid. Sadly, ordinary conversation doesn't have that safeguard.

Jay M. said...

I've seen some of his porn links. I can deal with the verifications.

Sorry you got another headache. Hope they are still less bad and frequent. And school should be about done for you!

Peace <3

(Interesting, the reCAPTCHA just spun and verified me!)

Amanda said...

So not offended. I don't care for it either! Hope your headache is better. And maybe the spam will decrease. :)