Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bunch of Clowns

Every time I watch the evening news, which I do nearly every night as I cook supper, I get discouraged, and trust me, I don't need more discouragement after being on the job market.  Yet, I keep watching. Of course the big news for the last few days is Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Trump lead the Republican polls with almost twice the support of his closest rival.  When I think of Trump, I think of a loudmouth, a real estate magnate, and a man who has driven several of his companies into corporate bankruptcy.  The United States has enough problems without Trump causing chaos.  Lindsey Graham called Trump a jackass, which is defined as a “silly, stupid person,” but Graham used the wrong noun to describe Trump.  Trump is not stupid, but he is an asshole, which is defined as a “mean and contemptible person.”  

The reason I say that Trump is not stupid is because, at least right now, his strategy his working.  He is drawing attention away from other Republican candidates, and his face is all over the news.  The Republican presidential race is so packed with fifteen people running, (or is it sixteen now, I can't keep up) that Trump is able to lash out at other Republicans and get in the news.  In fact, he's using what I consider the Fox News strategy:  he's being brash, he's being insulting, he cares little about the truth, and he is playing on people's fears.  Cruz, Rubio, Paul, Carson, Christie, Huckabee, Jindal, Perry, Santorum, and Walker all do the same thing, but aren't as media savvy as Trump.  The others in the pack just aren't “up to snuff” as my granddaddy would say, but Jeb Bush, I think, will let the dust settle and then he'll be back in the running.

The saddest thing about the whole Republican race is that most of these people are just plain mean.  They have few redeeming qualities in my book. And while Trump said this about the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it should be applied to the group seeking the Republican nomination: “Bunch of clowns. Bunch of real clowns." The problem is that this set of clowns is of the Stephen King It variety.  I honestly believe that they would be disastrous to this country, and it greatly saddens me because I see so many people nodding and agreeing with so much that they say.  It is sad to say but it's true, many Americans have a mean streak a mile wide, and they like bullies like Trump.  Trump knows it and he has them eating out of his hands.

"Just as Hillary Clinton's clothing and make-up choices should be absolutely off-limits to anyone of substance discussing American politics, so too should Donald J. Trump's hairstyle. Is it any wonder that a guy like him would surge in the polls when we treat national elections like High School Bullying contests. We've pushed this election into his comfort zone with name calling, intensely personal attacks, and useless spin. It's all he has. We can take it back from him by actually focusing on real issues...something he can't do. Demand substance and model it. Care about what his politics look like, not his hairstyle." #DemandSubstance - Brian Sims

I am so thankful that the readers of this blog are an extremely kind and giving group of people.  You comments and generosity warm my heart on a daily basis.  Why can't more Americans be like y’all?  The United States would be a better place if they were.

Here's a palate cleanser, because politics can leave a bad taste in your mouth.

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Susan said...

Definitely needed a palate cleanser after anything to do with the Republicans, and your today's choice is excellent. You do find beautiful photos for your blog pieces. Thanks, Joe.