Saturday, July 25, 2015

Moment of Zen: Coffee

You sometimes don't realize how much you miss something until it's gone.  I've missed my coffee the past two mornings. I've been with my granny (with limited internet access, only from my phone since she doesn't have internet) for the past few days.  She will soon be moving to an assisted living home but right now she needs around the clock care and my mother needed a rest, so I've been here.  Although no internet is hard enough, having to drink instant coffee is awful.  It honestly doesn't taste like coffee to me, but it's the only thing Granny has since she won't have a coffee maker.  She likes instant coffee for some reason, so I'm desperately ready to get home and be able to have a real cup of coffee tomorrow morning.
PS If you have emailed me in the last few days, I'm thinking of you, but it's hard to email anything more than a short email from my phone.


Susan said...

Love, love, love, today's photo! If I had him bringing me my morning coffee, I would consider home-brewed. As it is, I like my morning run to Starbucks for the social interaction and a triple venti non-fat latte. Also, just a note: their Via brand of instant coffee is like nothing I have ever tasted in the instant category. I too cannot stand instant coffee, but this is honestly unrecognizable from regular.

Wishing your Granny the best when she is finally settled in Assisted Living. And you Joe, I can only imagine how great that first cup of your favorite coffee will taste once you get home! :)

Joe said...

Susan, I'd head to Starbucks everyday too, if th nearest one wasn't 35 minutes away. I love Starbucks coffee and you're right about the Via. I should have brought some with me, but Granny uses Folgers instant coffee. I'm used to my Keureg which makes the perfect cup each time and I can get the Starbucks K-cups and it's almost like having a Starbucks at home.

Hot guys pictures said...

I completely agree about missing something after we lose it... And also, I know it's a real pain to do stuff like e-mailing online over a mobile phone.

Jay M. said...

It's always difficult to do without the simple pleasures, but at least it's for the best cause ever - helping out granny. And yes, instant coffee is an abomination!

Peace <3

Studs said...

Not a coffee lover, but I do like the rest! :D