Saturday, July 11, 2015

Moment of Zen: Hot Day, Cold Beer

I can't exactly drink cold beers anymore because they trigger my cluster headaches, but when it's really hot and humid outside only a few things that can quench my thirst: an ice cold beer, a cold Coca-Cola, or a glass of ice water.  Whereas, water or a Coke work well, I do miss a cold beer on occasion though.


Anonymous said...

Ice cold diet coke - 3 gulps and I'm done.

Susan said...

Hi Joe,

I'll take the healthy ice water, please. :)
But what I was thinking even before that was: as good as that guy looks sitting in his birthday suit, when he gets up, his butt is going to be striped from the construction of the chair! Ha!

JiEL said...

I like an tolerate a nice «Saporo» cold beer when it's too hot..

But I also like to drink iced tea or some margarita drink without alcool.
In grocery here I can purchase a margarita premixed and drink it without adding the alcool part..

But iced tea is my favorite.