Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Status Update

It's hard to believe that June has already come and gone.  I've spent most of the month sending out job applications, but so far, I have had now luck.  I'm going to keep trying though.  Another thing that I have been doing is writing.  Nearly everyday, I write something.  I wrote my blog posts everyday, but I've written a few blog posts in advance.  I'm working on a new series for my Sunday blog.  I wanted to look more closely at 1 Corinthians 13.  It's often called the love chapter, and since last Friday, the LGBT of America have a lot of love to celebrate.
I also had phenomenal sex with my boyfriend on Monday night.  It was a kind of going away, because he will be gone nearly the whole month of July.  It looks like my right hand (or hopefully another wet dream or two) will be keeping me busy and somewhat satiated until he gets back.
In addition to writing and filling out job applications, I have also,started volunteering at a museum.  Most museums want someone with some experience in a museum and the volunteer work that I will be doing will let me see all the various workings of the museum.  It is a state run museum and since the legislature of Alabama seems to enjoy cutting their budget,  they rely on a large number of volunteers and part time employees.  Also, on the museum front, I am looking into an online museum studies certificate program that is offered by one of America's top universities.  It looks like a good program and it will add to my credentials.  Though it's the least expensive of the programs like this one, it still isn't terribly cheap, but I think I have found a way to afford it.
I am looking more into museum work.  Five years teaching middle and high school is enough.  God bless the people who make that a lifelong career.  The only teaching I want to do from here on out is college teaching whether it's full time or as an adjunct.  This doesn't mean that I am absolutely ruling out middle and high school, desperation drove me to that job and desperation may drive me to take a job like it just at a different school.
So that's the update from here.  As the motto of the New York Times states this is "All the News That’s Fit to Print."  


Michael Dodd said...

I worked as a volunteer at a small museum for a time and it was most enjoyable work. Even better, it turned into a full time job for a period when I needed one and made it possible for me to live while I found the library job I wanted. I hope you are enjoying it and learning a lot in the process. Good luck with the job hunt! I think you are wise to expand your skill set and your certifications.

Oh, yeah. As I am sure I have mentioned, don't forget about libraries in your job hunt. Many of them do not require a degree in library science. People with computer skills and teaching experience often have a good chance. And don't overlook small town libraries as possible interim positions. Or school libraries or even corporations. I have a friend who got a good job in a law library, based not on any legal knowledge but on his research skills.

And I will stop yabbering on because it always sounds to me like you know exactly what you are doing!

Susan said...

Thank you for this update, Joe. I think it's great the museum work has begun. It's always advantageous to learn new skills and beneficial to potential job possibilities. Plus, keeping your mind stimulated and occupied during what can be a depressing period is so important. Not only depressing because you are feeling the stress of looking for employment, but there is the added downer of losing your boyfriend for an entire month. No one likes that! I agree with Michael about expanding your skill set and certifications. You never know what direction your life might take now.

I hope there is a part of you that can see this unasked for change as an opportunity to find more fulfilling work, and a chance to finally show the truer side of the wonderful person you are. As always, good luck. :)

Marsha said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you! I know you'll miss your boyfriend while he's away, but just think about the welcome home sex! :)

nikki said...

Wow I am keeping you in my thoughts and hoping for good things to come your way.