Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Better Mood

One of the strange things about depression is that you can have a very down day where nothing really makes you happy, though the love and support of friends can greatly improve your mood; then there are days when you are very happy and things seem to just go right.  Yesterday was one of those latter days.  First of all, I found one of the rarest of gems: a job where I not only fit the minimum qualifications  but also the preferred qualifications.  The job is in a very liberal part of the country and is at an august institution of higher learning, but not one so prestigious that they would not look at someone like me who went to state colleges.  Anyway, it would be a job that I think I would really enjoy.

Second, I have another interview with a local museum set for Tuesday afternoon.  I'm not sure what they plan to pay, but I know what I am willing to accept for pay, especially if given an offer by the school board for my second interview with them on Friday.  It's also a job that I am much more qualified for, even if it's a minor position at the museum, it would mean real full-time experience in a museum setting.  So things are looking up, which is nice for a change.  

Now this time next week, all the possibilities could turn to disappointment, but for now I'm holding out hope, something that I have been fighting to keep for the past few weeks.  So even though Tuesday was doom and gloom, with the help of friends who lifted my spirits and some positive responses from job applications, I'm feeling better.

Also, since I was in a good mood, I cooked a pretty fantastic supper.  I cooked a peppercorn marinated pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon.  Forty-five minutes at 425 degrees and it came out perfectly. I also made Brussels sprouts and julianned potatoes.  And while some may turn up your nose at Brussels sprouts, you've never had mine.  I took frozen Brussels sprouts and added butter, the drippings from the tenderloin, a heaping tablespoon of light Alfredo sauce, and cracked black pepper, which I then brought to a boil over medium heat for just a few minutes.  The usual bitterness that is associated with Brussels sprouts was no longer their with this method, and they were simply delicious.  Of course, one can never go wrong with julianned potatoes.  Cheese and potatoes, what's not to like.  So supper was delicious.  Cooking a great meal always makes me feel better.


Susan said...

Congrats on the turnaround! Your post time says, posted at 7:00am, but I couldn't see it until hours later, and wondered if that "blue mood" was still hanging around. Glad I was wrong. That dinner reminds me of some of the southern cooking I used to get from my mother. As for the jobs situation, you are currently in "feast" mode. Enjoy it, Joe! Hope springs eternal. :)

Joe said...

I cheated a little on the time because I like for all my posts to be at 7am. I realized about 9:35 this morning that it hadn't posted so I checked and realized that for some reason it was scheduled for 11pm, so I fixed it. The time says 7, but it wasn't posted until a few hours later.

Jay M. said...

Very cool on all counts! Good luck on the jobs, though I was so hoping you'd find something up here so I could con you into renting a room! HAHAHAHAHA

Both jobs are jobs. I thought I was "settling" when I got this one after a 5 month period of unemployment back in 2001, but as it turns out, I hope to retire from here in 10 years! I'll only be an Official Olde Farte by then, instead of just a regular Olde Farte.

Still got fingers crossed and prayers in the queue for you, Joe. It's not luck, it's what you know and who you know. Sounds like you met some folks who like you!

Peace <3

naturgesetz said...

That sounds like a delicious dinner. I'd have been happy to share it.

Thanks for the tip about brussels sprouts.