Friday, August 14, 2015

Job Interviews

I think job interviews are one of the torture devices of life, but it's something we all have to go through.  I guess if you are just independently wealthy, start your own business, or go into the family business, then you don't, but that's not the majority of us. Too bad I don't have telepathic powers.  Then I could read their minds and know exactly what to say and do.  Or better yet they should just naturally see my awesomeness.  Oh well, my charm and intelligence will just have to shine through.

Sorry for the short post but I needed to get to bed early.


Susan said...

Sending you tons of positive thoughts today, Joe. I'm sure your awesomeness will shine through along with the charm and intelligence! If this is the job for you, I hope you get it. :)

Jay M. said...

Good luck!!! I know you'll do well.

Peace <3

Gaye Lauren said...

Good luck. Have you ever taught about teaching abroad? Also I would love to see you write a book on homosexuality and Christianity. I wish the best for you on these interviews.