Saturday, August 15, 2015

Moment of Zen: Abs

Sexy abs are something I will never have, but the sure are fun to look at, especially when you get that little glimpse when a guy raises his arms and his shirt lifts up or when he scratches his belly and you get a little skin.  It's even sexier to me when there's a little bit of a treasure trail.

PS: I did not get the job yesterday.  Long story, and long day.  Major waste of time.  On to the next interview Tuesday, this time for a job I actually want.


JiEL said...

Hope you'll be able to have that one on Tuesday.

Don't give up, there is a job waiting for you somewhere..

For the ABS, always nice to see but not every men can exhibit those..
I love treasure trails too..
As I'm totally hairless, none of that on my belly but I can enjoy them on other men...

Take care

Susan said...

Yes and yes to all you said, Joe. Hope you have a better weekend. :)

naturgesetz said...

Good luck on the job hunt. I hope you find one that's perfect for you.

I'm a bit surprised at how popular abs have become. "When I was your age," chests were all that mattered. A flat tummy was fine.

Jay M. said...

You will land the job you are supposed to have. I hope you find it quickly. Good luck on Tuesday.

Peace <3

Steve said...

Best wishes for success on the job hunt. Thanks for giving us something beautiful to look at (this man has a perfect torso IMHO) so as to add a positive aspect to your post.