Tuesday, August 25, 2015


By Helen Hunt Jackson

I do not know if, climbing some steep hill,
Through fragrant wooded pass, this glimpse I bought,
Or whether in some mid-day I was caught
To upper air, where visions of God’s will
In pictures to our quickened sense fulfill
His word. But this I saw.
                                          A path I sought
Through wall of rock. No human fingers wrought
The golden gates which opened sudden, still,
And wide. My fear was hushed by my delight.
Surpassing fair the lands; my path lay plain;
Alas, so spell-bound, feasting on the sight,
I paused, that I but reached the threshold bright,
When, swinging swift, the golden gates again
Were rocky wall, by which I wept in vain.

I used this poem "Opportunity," because I have a tremendous opportunity that presented itself yesterday. I got a call for an interview on Thursday. Because this place is so far away, they are initially doing telephone interviews. I mentioned this job before because I was excited when I applied for it. So often, when you come across a job announcement, you meet the minimum requirements but not all of the “preferred qualifications.” This job, however, I not only meet their minimum qualifications but also their preferred qualifications. I'm not familiar with the software this place is using, but I will be before Thursday. Besides, I've yet to find a computer program that I cannot master. I'm just going to spend today and tomorrow refreshing myself on some of the specifics of the job and the history that I will be expected to know.
This would be a wonderful opportunity and a place where I can be myself again, and not just the person my family expects me to be. Please pray for me. Pray this goes well, and pray that if this is what God wants for me, then it will happen.


silvereagle said...

Praying as you specifically request!!

Susan said...

The prayers have begun, Joe. I so hope this is the one you are meant for. :)

Michael Dodd said...

May all be well, may all be well, may all manner of thing be well!

Anonymous said...

*BOOM* You felt that? You just got hit by a Prayer!

pic of hot guy said...

Best of luck!! ^_^

Nikki said...

Big good wishes coming your way.

Amanda said...

Prayers for you! I hope you get the job you most want and what works for you. (Hugs)

JiEL said...

I hope all good things for you and that this opportunity will be THE one that will lead you to a better life..

I cross my fingers and pray for you.

naturgesetz said...

Praying that you will get this job if it's right for you. May you conduct yourself well and show yourself an ideal candidate.

Andrew Weiss said...

I hope it works out! A change of scenery might not hurt either

Jay M. said...

Oh God, Joe! I do so hope!

Peace <3