Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Non-Post Post

I told a friend of mine that my post today would be a "non-post post."  He asked "What's that?"  I said that it was a post about how I really didn't have anything to talk about and then I just talk about what's on my mind.  Honestly, last night I got into watching Ken Burns' Civil War on PBS, and didn't realize that it didn't go off until 10:30, which is too late to really start a post, especially when I had no idea what to write about.  

By the way, I love listening to Shelby Foote talk.  He has that southern drawl that one rarely finds outside of Alabama's Black Belt region or Mississippi's Delta region.  Not only does he have a great southern accent, but he also has that dry wit of a great southern storyteller.  Every so often he has a hard time telling a story without cracking up, but he gets out the story and then gives a small smile before looking down to compose himself.  So, I got drawn into watching that and just didn't even think about what I'd post today.  Lots of things running through my mind though.

I still can't believe that I am being flown up for an interview next week.  There is a lot to do between now and then, and the closer it gets the more nervous I get.  However, I plan to be my charming and intelligent self, and I will win them over, or hopefully cement the idea that I am the job candidate they want.  Let's see, I have to conduct an interview so that they will have a sample, since I can't get ahold of any of my former interviews.  I need to pick up my suits from the cleaners. Get a Xanax prescription for the flight (flying causes me to have anxiety attacks).  Pack. Oh, and yeah, I need to review over what I've already prepared for interview material and think of all the things that could come up in a conversation in the two days I will be with these people.  And of course, pray, pray, pray that I will show dignity and grace and not slip up and make a fool of myself.  Sadly, I'm often better at the later than the former.

Once I get the job, the worrying will not be over. Then I will have to find a place to live.  Get things packed quickly and ready to move.  Then make the long journey north.  If I get this job, the rest of this month will be a flurry of activity.  I'll be so busy, I won't have time to worry about all the things I have to worry about.  Make lists, that's what I will do, make lots of lists.  I'm sure there are other things that I haven't thought of yet.  Of course this last part might be jumping the gun a little bit, but if I do get the job, at least I will be slightly prepared to move and get started.

Don't you think that the hay he is laying on would be awfully itchy to his naked privates?  I've always found hay to be very itchy.  Poor guy, he's probably very uncomfortable.  I hope they had a hidden blanket underneath him.


silvereagle said...

Not sure about the hay...but am sure he would be fun in any stall in the barn.....

Susan said...

Deep breaths, Joe. I'm exhausted just reading your non-post!
Good luck with the interview before you go, and the one when you get there.
And yes, Shelby is a delight. :)

JiEL said...

What would it could have been IF you had decided to do a REAL post.. LOL!

For the future events in your professional life and personal one too I can just say what I'm telling myself in such important situations:" I'll cross the bridge when it'll be there to go over it.."

Don't rush the situation and take care of you «little hamster» in your brain..
Stressful stuff will be there in a near future. Don't rush it more.

Take care of that little hamster running in your brain wheel,,

Michael Dodd said...

Just to tack on my own mantra about what JiEL said: Michael, don't turn that corner until you get there.

Here's still hoping all goes well and you soon find yourself tuning an amazing corner!

Amanda said...

I know you'll be great Joe! It's hard not to think of the what ifs though. Lol. I will continue to keep positive thinking going! I'm sure they'll like you, how could they not?

And, I totally understand the anxiety of flying. I'm scared to death of it but do it when I have to. I usually have to have liquid courage for that (and I'm not really a drinker) You know it's bad when the little, old lady sitting next to you starts patting your hand and says, "Don't worry dear it'll be okay." :)

Joe said...

Amanda, I had the exact thing happen to me. This little old lady next to me said that everything would be all right and then talked nonstop until we were up in the air. She was so sweet and purposely kept my mind off the takeoff. Then she got me a good stiff drink. It was the best flight I ever experienced. The dose of Xanax my doctor had prescribed didn't hurt either. I need to pick up my Xanax prescription tomorrow.