Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Patience and Prayer

I've been trying to decide what to write on today.  I could write about that idiot in Kentucky who is refusing to issue marriage licenses, even under a court order, but thinking of her stupidity isn't worth my time.  Plus, nobody seems to be worried about the dozen or so Alabama probate judges who aren't issuing licenses. I could talk about some of the books I've read recently, but quite honestly, I'm not up to it.

Truthfully, there is only one thing on my mind, it's the results of my job interview last Thursday.  I know the interview went well, but did the other candidates do as well?  Did they have qualifications that I didn't?  When will I know something? I honestly believe that I am a perfect fit for this job.  I hope they do too.  I should know something by the end of today.  I'd been told they were interviewing two other candidates this week and would make a decision this week.  They want to fly someone up next week for an on-site visit.  They need someone soon, and from what I gathered, they are not expecting to hire locally.  To get someone up next week, they will need to make the arrangements fairly soon, which in my thinking would be not later than today, but I may be wrong.  I do not believe they will wait until Friday because they have a big event scheduled for that day.  So it should be today or tomorrow.

I am so nervous.  I have gotten so many rejection letters, and I really don't want to hear from these people, “While we were very impressed with your qualifications, we were faced with a difficult decision, and I regret to inform you that we finally selected another candidate who we believe more closely matches what we are looking for in the position.”  I am tired of hearing how impressed someone is with my credentials, but that I'm just not what they are looking for. I need, not just want, but need someone to say, “We want you!”  One of the things that I enjoyed about my interview Thursday was that they seemed to be trying to convince me that I'd want to move up there and take the job just as much as I was trying to convey how much I thought I'd be the perfect fit.

I just need to be patient.  Also, I will continue to pray about the situation.


Susan said...

Absolutely the hardest part in all this is they didn't say precisely when they would be conducting the other interviews and when they would let you know, yes or no. As upsetting as a "no thanks" would be, it's the not knowing when you will find out... Unfortunately there is nothing for it but to see it through. You know you gave the best interview possible. Now it is out of your hands.

Amanda said...

Waiting can be the worst thing ever sometimes. I know it's hard to relax but try to do something fun today to distract you from it. I will continue to send positive vibes and hope it works out how you want. :)

Hot fit guys said...

Hey there. :) Love the picture choice, man.
Have a great September!

JiEL said...

I agree with the above comments and nothing to do now but wait and be confident that you did your best..

For the IDIOT not issuing those licenses well, I wasn't surprised but also very angry for her silly way of thinking...
Again, religion is making progressive things more difficult to admit..

She is a real pain in the as...

She's no better than the latest non sense in India where two little girls are to be «raped» because their brother got away with his lover girl from a higher cast member.. SO IDIOT way to make some justice.
Some human religious or believes are so «non human» and out of proportion..

Now, in regard of our good Pope Francis, HE is shaking the Church with his latest declarations..
HE is, in my understanding, in the real path of Jesus..
Forgiveness and LOVE for ALL men and women.

Michael Dodd said...

A transformative moment in my personal journey came when I realized that God loved me just the way I am. In my case, that meant God loved me as a gay man. The realization did not make all the problems go away -- after all,that was 1970! -- but it did help me stop creating more problems in my own head.

You are a man of faith, and although our beliefs are not the same, I am sure that you believe/know that your God loves you as you are -- employed or not. I am hoping that this -- or a better! -- job works out for you. But I know that your value as a person is not dependent on that. "They also serve who only stand and wait."

As I re-read this, I realize it sounds lame. But my desire for you is courage and self-appreciation and a joy that comes from within your own gifted being.