Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thank You

I was so humbled by the outpouring of love and support yesterday.  Not only did I get more comments in a single day than I think I have ever had on a post, but on top of that, many of you sent emails.  It means a lot, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It is comforting to know that people really do care.  It gives me hope for this world to see so many of you who share in someone else's happiness.

This will be a short post, because even though I'm still smiling, I woke up yesterday morning to an intense headache.  I'm sure it was from all the emotions Tuesday, even though all good, it was still an emotional day.  Sometimes when I become overwhelmed by emotions, I get headaches.

It's still a bit hard to believe, and I think I'm in a bit of shock.  I'm eager to get moved, settled, and start my new job.

We all know the power of prayer, and I have a major prayer request for everybody.  My 101 year old neighbor fell and broke her hip yesterday.  She's a very special woman.  When I was a kid, she worked at a candy kitchen and kept divinity just for when I'd come over.  She's always been very independent and still gets out in her rose garden and sits in a little chair as she cuts the grass at the perfect height with a pair of scissors.  When I told her Tuesday that I'd be moving to Vermont, she cried and it broke my heart, but she knows it's the best thing for me. A broken hip isn't easy for anyone but it's especially hard on someone her age.  She will have surgery today but because of her advanced age and other medical conditions the doctors cannot put her to sleep for it. Please pray for Miss E, she needs all the strength our prayers can provide.


Susan said...

So sorry, for your friend, Joe. I hope her recovery goes well. She will be in my prayers. And so will you. It is no surprise this overwhelming good news gave you a headache. Many times getting what we prayed and wished for so very hard, gives us the same bodily reaction. Try to settle and enjoy every step along the way. :)

Michael Dodd said...

Warm thoughts and healing ones for Miss E. And continued happy ones for you and your bright future.

Andrew Weiss said...

That sounds like quite an ordeal for any person, but given her age and condition, she will have to be quite some lady just to withstand her surgery. Wishing and praying for the best!

JiEL said...

I'm also so sorry for that great lady Miss E. which has a beautiful life and, for you, has a very caring friend.

No matter what will come out of that hard and painful surgery, you must pray for her and accept what will be her future..

At 101yo, she had a wonderful life and was surely one of your best memories.
That is where she will always be for you. A significative person that took part od your life.

She surely was very sad to know where your life will be in the near future, but I'm sure that the love she has for you and her knowledge of life did put some happiness in her heart knowing it's going to be the best for you.

Take care of your headache and keep us inform of all.

naturgesetz said...

Prayers for Miss E. May all go well for her.

mistress maddie said...

Hey, we may be online in the blogosphere, but isn't nice how we buid a circle of friendship??? I've been blogging for a little over 8 years and some readers comment every post and I have alot still from the beginning. There no different from my live friends. Congrats again!

Anonymous said...

Okay, this is spooky - I was reading your request for prayer for your neighbor, and listening to the Doors album (on vinyl) "The Soft Parade" and literally as I got to your word "prayer" Jim Morrison had began the title song, and reached the line about "you can petition the Lord with prayer" exactly as I read your words. Totally spooky. At any rate, I will (of course) add her to MY prayers.

Amanda said...

I hope your headache gets better soon. And, I will pray for Miss E. We should all be so lucky to make it to 101 yrs old. Congrats on the job again! :)

Paul said...

Praying for you and Miss E. God bless.