Friday, October 9, 2015


So, my insurance company got me a rental car, and it looks like my car will hopefully be fixed tomorrow.  With a badass SUV that they gave me to drive, I decided to go see what fun could be had in Knoxville.  By fun, I'm not talking about sights, but I thought I'd check out the local gay scene.

Apparently, there are three gay bars in Knoxville.  One looked really promising as they were having a free Texas Hold 'Em tournament last night.  Winner got $100.  I used to play poker every Friday night with a group of friends when I was in graduate school, so I decided I'd check it out.  I got to the bar and ordered a drink to wait for the tournament to start. The crowd was mostly older men. I have nothing against older guys, but it's nice when they are friendly.  While I tried to engage a few, it was obvious that I was an outsider and not that welcomed.  The guys and gals there to play poker were obviously very serious about it.  I was hoping for some fun and socializing.  I figured out pretty quickly that this was not going to be the case.  So I gave up on the place and left.  With it being a Thursday night, I doubted that the other two gay bars would be much fun either.  If this was New Orleans, something is usually happening every night, but this is Knoxville not New Orleans, so I decided to head back to the hotel to watch How to Get Away with Murder.

I have a confession here, I saw a sign for an adult store on my way back to my hotel and decided to check it out and see if they had anything fun.  I did find a nice new toy (as luck would have it they were having a sale and the cashier gave a 20% off coupon to use), and my new toy is the perfect size for some play.  So while I didn't have fun playing poker because it looked a bit lame, I had a lot of fun with my new toy.  So I amused myself and then went on to bed.

I expect that my car will not be ready until tomorrow afternoon, so I will go into downtown Knoxville and see some of the sights.  Hopefully I can get back on the road tomorrow and maybe make it to Virginia.


Michael Dodd said...
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Michael Dodd said...

Perhaps someday you can drop into your conversation, "Oh, Knoxville. Yeah, I spent a week there one night."

Anonymous said...

I remember something similar happening to me moving across the country... our moving truck gave up the ghost (with all my stuff in it) on a Saturday night of a long weekend... we ended up having to rent two vehicles to carry the stuff to its destination (another 600 km away) and then flying back as the truck had to be left behind.
I am glad you were not injured... take advantage of the time to visit!