Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Questions, Questions

Actually, it's just one question (two,if you feel generous in your commenting).  About a year ago, Dave over at Wicked Gay Blog asked "What is your favorite part of a man's body?"  I'm going to modify that question a little, though you are more than welcome to tell me what is your favorite part of man's body is (though like Dave said in his post, we need to exclude the penis, because we all obviously love penis).  What I want to know is this:

What is the first thing you notice about a guy?

For me it's one of two things.  If I see him from behind, well the first thing I notice is his, well, his behind.  If I see him from the front, I am most often drawn to his eyes.  Then my eyes will travel to various other parts.  There are so many things that can make a guy attractive (and I am only speaking superficially here, because I tend to rank personality and intelligence at the top of my list).  It could be his nose or his ears.  It could be his bulge or if he's freeballing in athletic shorts, his VPL (visible penis line, for,those who might not know).  It's also according to how he is attired.  If he's been working out and only has on shorts, then I'm going to check out his chest and stomach, and if he turns around his back and shoulders.

If I had to pick a favorite part of a man's body, I'd have to say that I love a nice bubble butt. I love having something to grab onto. That gets me every time.  However, if I see a guy without a shirt, I am drawn to his chest.  He doesn't have to have perfectly chiseled pecs either, but if there is some definition and he has nice nipples that really does drive me wild, mainly because I want to nibble on them.

You now know mine and why, so what about you?  What is the first thing you notice about a guy? And, as a bonus, what is your favorite part of a man's body?


Michael Dodd said...

I am not sure that I am consistent here, but in general I would say eyes and, perhaps as part of the general eye-thing, eyebrows. Something about a slightly pointed/arched eyebrow sets me ticking ... And eyes that look straight (ha!) into me, that gives the old heart flip-flops.

Susan said...

When I am walking behind a guy I am definitely going to notice his butt. Your picture above looks pretty ideal. From the front there is more to see, but the problem is, he's coming at you so there is a time issue involved. You can't stay behind him as he sways from side to side...but I digress. From the front I would notice his clothes and hair. If he was standing still I would go to the eyes, but in motion they are difficult to properly detect. And to answer your first question, I agree, my favorite male part is the iconic bubble butt.

Thanks, Joe, for a pleasant break from your usual thought-provoking posts. It's always nice to occasionally objectify the male body. :-)

silvereagle said...

From the rear.....definitely I enjoy seeing firm glutus maximus! Great to see them in tight trousers, or in those loose trousers where they just drape down from the round posterior...Makes me want to see them without textile covering, find the dimples, examine the hair, or lack thereof, as it swirls around often in mirror image of each other.

From the front.... a smile!!! set under bright eyes and well groomed hair, and on top of a firm chin. My two favorite smiles - one on a well tanned Italian with dark short hair, deep brown eyes, and about a few inches below my height, and the other is a much taller man, much bigger, but not an ounce of fat on him, bright blue eyes with silver hair brushed back with firm gel support, and lips to want to suck.....In fact the first guy is my man that is number one in my life, and the second is an acquaintance with whom I only fantasize...the first man is my love and I am his...

More important than the physical appearance is the mind and soul contained within. Both of these men are grade A in that respect, and for that reason I love the first and admire the second.

JiEL said...

For sure at first, the eyes and the teeth.

I put a big + for nice teeth and smile..

Cute little ears make me metldown on cute guys as example the ones of Stephen Amell or more Colton Haynes that make me water from everywhere..

Also the «all look» I mean what his general body express.

For sure, a nice butt in sexy pants is a big hit.

In the more intimate taste for me is a «uncut» dick, not too big and straight.
Not into «big ones» as many are fantasing on: I could say that a small dick is so cute for me.. Did met a guy with a «mini one» and God did he knew how to please me with it... LOL !

More, I'm a «balls» guy too..... Nice ones triggers me so much...

In resume, ALL in a man is beautiful just depends on the whole man landscape.

mistress maddie said...

Well, the first thing I notice is the face and lips. I like a nice face with a slight five o clock shadow, with full lips. My favorite part??? I must be honest, I like an impressive basket and a bubble butt also. Generally nice legs be wrapped up in.

Amanda said...

First thing would be the nice, bubble butt if I'm behind him. And, from the front it would be his smile and eyes. I love a great smile and I also love a great laugh on a guy. :)

Lenny Ricci said...

From the back, his "hairy" legs if he's wearing shorts, if he's smooth, then his butt. From the front, deep set dark eyes with thick eyebrows, then a squared jawbone with facial hair, from there to his fore arms, hairy of course and then Hair on his head. I'm not turned on by bald guys or guys who shave (anywhere!!!). Of course a nice tight set of abs, somewhat developed pecs and chest hair that sticks above a white T shirt. I gotta go now and take a shower. Bye.

Lenny from Denver

Vilges Suola said...

If he's naked my eyes go straight to his balls.

Anonymous said...

Joe, I have to agree with you about the butt. Walt Whitman wrote in one of his poems that the back side of a man is his best. I don't know if Walt was referring to the butt. If I see a man wearing shorts I check out his legs. Arms and chest are probably the next things on a man that I like. Well developed biceps are a turn on. I like when a guy wears a tight knit shirt and the pectoral muscles are shaped and of course, the nipples.
Joe, of course, I have to check out the crotch.
Beautiful eyes and a nice shaped face are attractive.

Coop said...

Eyes and Smile. I can tell a lot about a man (and if I'd like him) by the way he smiles and the look in his eyes. I'm a lover of belly buttons, too. I have been ever since I started puberty and started noticing other boys.

paul said...

A pleasure to see a man from behind and to notice his hair. Not too long, with curls but in a natural way. Black hair or blonde hair. But preferably black. And your eyes go to his buttocks. And you are looking for the best in a man. Then you discover his smile. Hair, butt and smile. A trinity.