Thursday, October 8, 2015

Shit Happens

First things first, I'm ok, sadly my car is not.  On I-40 just outside of Knoxville, TN, I hit some large piece of metal (well about the size of my head) in the road.  It punctured my gas tank.  I had no choice as I was flanked by semi trucks.  Luckily, no sparks were present, and I was able to pull off to the side of the road and call 911.  The local fire department arrived and neutralized the gas and my car was towed to a local garage.  The tow truck was kind enough to take me to a hotel.  So for at least tonight I'm stuck in Lenoir City, Tennessee, in a hotel.  Hopefully, they can get a new fuel tank quickly and get it installed today, and I can be back on my way. If they have the part, I was told they'll move quickly, assuming the only damage was the fuel tank. If not, my insurance company will send me a rental car to use until my car is fixed but it would still mean I'm stuck in Lenoir City, Tennessee.  Maybe I can explore some of nearby Knoxville.

I had to cancel my hotel reservations in Virginia and Albany.  Hopefully, the hotel in Albany will not charge me as I cancelled a day in advance. My Virginia hotel was not as kind. They are charging me regardless because I did not cancel 24 hours in advance.  They didn't care that I had an accident.

On the bright side, there were no sparks and my car did not blow up with or without me in it.  This is just one of those things that happens and it could have been far worse.  I did enough crying and freaking out yesterday, I am going to try and remain calm.  I will get to Vermont, come Hell or high water.

UPDATE (10am EST):  The needed part was found in Knoxville and unless there is more extensive damage than they initially thought, my car will be ready tomorrow.  The insurance company is sending a rental car to let me use until the car is ready.  It means I'm stuck at the hotel until 4pm when they will deliver the car.


Susan said...

Oh Joe, how awful. Thank God you are OK. There could have been a lot more damage to you, your car, and your belongings. I pray this is the only setback you will face and will soon be on your way again. Please take care. (((Hugs)))

silvereagle said...

Yes~~ It happens....make the most and thank the Lord it was not you, only the car!!

Michael Dodd said...

So you did not have a mishap. You were SAVED from a potentially fatal mishap. What a blessing!

In a movie, of course, you would meet Mr. Right in Knoxville, or maybe the guy who does the repairs. Okay, I'm starting to get interested in where this scenario is going ...

Stay safe the rest of the way. Think how much more interesting your answer will be now when people in Vermont ask, "How was your trip?"

Says Michael from the comfort and security of his own home!

Mike said...

Oh, Joe, that's terrible. Glad you are safe, that's the most important part.

Hopefully you can ride the other hotel off as a moving expense ;)

Coop said...

That's rotten. I hope you get to your new home safely. Congratulations on the new job and your move to the Yankee side of the line. I apologize for my absence from the comments section. Not a lot of time for the blogs these days.

Andrew Weiss said...

I am sorry about your midadventure in TN. At least you are fine and should be back on your way in another day or so. Who knows, maybe that beautiful kid or someone similar will find his way into your life while you are waiting this out. Stranger things have happened and they do make them cute down there in Tennessee.

My own car trip fiasco by in the 1980's, I had a breakdown in Florida about 30 miles from Gainesville and ended up waiting all day for my car to be repaired. Since there was nothing much going on, I plopped myself down under a tree to take a nap. I soon discovered I had sat on a fire ants' nest. They had gone up my pants legs and were biting the crap out of me!

JiEL said...

The best news is that you're safe and no damage to your health.

This is past of the adventure of moving like U-HAUL says on their vehicules.
"Adventure in moving."
You'll have much to tell in few months and you'll be surely laugh at all of it..

Sadly you had bad experience about your hotel refund. Some of those are really taking advantage of their customers no matter what happened to them.

Let us know all of your «adventures» so we can follow you to Vermont.

I'm still in Quebec city at mom's place enjoying a day off with a bright sunshine but a cool temperature (7°C) ..

Friendly yours.
Retired teacher

Amanda said...