Friday, October 16, 2015

Sleeping In

It has been an incredibly busy week getting settle into my new place, and while I'm not completely settled yet, I don't have any appointments tomorrow. I can just sleep in and enjoy my new and very comfortable mattress that was delivered yesterday. The only thing that I do need to do is walk over to the post office and pick up my keys to my p.o. box.  When I paid for it, the keys that I was given didn't work, so they had to rekey it.  I seriously doubt I'll have any mail, but you never know.

Every time I have ever moved into a new place, I forget how much there is to do.  There is even more when you pack light and do it all yourself. I never realize how many unexpected expenses there are when moving to a new place.  It didn't help that I had a mishap on the way up and was delayed a day, which actually added the expense of two extra nights because even though I cancelled my reservation at the hotel I'd planned to stay at the first night, it was after the 24 hour deadline for cancellations.  I'll get reimbursed for most of my expenses, but I'm not sure when I will get that reimbursement.

Moving is also very stressful.  I'm in a new place far away from anything that is familiar to me.  Thank goodness for Apple Maps.  It's told me where grocery stores and mattress stores and various other stores I needed were. It's nic for anything that makes this process easier.


Andrew Weiss said...


Take some time so relax and chill out. You deserve that time to yourself after all you have been through.

It looks like it will be cold over the weekend, with even the possibility of snow flurries, so be sure to dress warm when you go out.


Anonymous said...

Yay for sleeping in. You definitely deserve a Day of Rest. :)

Susan said...

Good morning, Joe.

It will take a while before your new place completely feels like the home you want it to be. But you have done so much in less than a week. This time last week you weren't even there! You so deserve to "sleep in," perhaps through the weekend if you can spare the time. And what a relief knowing whatever is left to do, the worst of it—the trip itself and the first few days with only empty rooms—are now behind you. Rest up and be proud of what you have accomplished. :)

Michael Dodd said...

Breathe. In. Out. In. Out. Nice, isn't it?

Amanda said...

How nice to have your bed and rest up! It can be so exhausting but exciting when moving to a new place. You've earned the rest. Hopefully it will be a smooth transition from here on out. Enjoy the scenery of the fall and your new place and job!

JiEL said...

Take it easy even if your not aleady at ease in your new location.

Make your home as cosy as possible to be able to sense warmth and peace in it.

The place to recharge your batteries.. LOL!!

I'm sure you'll enjoy your new location as you'll get to your new work place and discover nice people.
Sure Vermont will be a nicer place to live for you as a gay man.

Cheers from Montréal

Lenny Ricci said...

Hey Joe,

The worst is over and the best is yet to come. Relax and enjoy your new surroundings.. take a walk around the block and get to know your neighborhood... that always makes it a bit easier once you become familiar with where you live.

Huggs my friend.

Lenny from Denver