Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Just when we thought that winter was over, it snowed all day yesterday. Now, I personally would rather have snow over rain, but that's just me. However, this was a slushy snow so it might as well have been rain. My hair got just as wet. I know I looked like a drowned rat, lol. I had to walk across campus yesterday and I needed a hat or an umbrella, but both were in my car and not where I needed them to be.

Maybe that is the last of the snow. We got a lot more snow than was predicted, but it's supposed to be sunny and beautiful the rest of the week. I've been told that summer in Vermont makes it all worth it, but I've been told the same thing about autumn and spring. I'll make my assessment on the best season in October when I've been here a full year.


Michael Dodd said...

I admit that when I saw the title of the post, I thought, "Better you than me, Joe!" It did dip into the 30s again last night, but we are likely done with the white stuff. I remember May 9, 1990, however, we had more than five inches of that heavy wet stuff. The trees had leafed out and the weight of the snow snapped branches, making the streets look like a tornado had passed through.

Paul said...

I've heard it said that New England has five seasons, not four. In addition to the traditional ones you mentioned, there is a fifth season referred to as Mud between Winter and Spring. To my knowledge, no one has ever chosen Mud as their favorite. I'd guess you're at the tail end of Mud now. Hope Spring treats you nicer. Have your lilacs bloom'd in dooryard yet? Seems to me that would be the botanical equivalent of your celestial equinox marking the season change. Or possibly it's when you see two shirtless male joggers in a row?? Much more reliable than sighting a robin!

Anonymous said...

From my own experience (one year) in upstate New York, Spring is not a season, just a transition from dirty, melting snow banks to the humid heat of high summer. No slow opening of buds and flowers.

By the way, enjoyed your post on your work - very apt and accurate.

The Academic

JiEL said...

You must know that being in you location, you're more in altitude which means that that kind of snowy spring is often seen there.

Here in Montreal, we have no more snow for weeks but my dearest friends living in the Eastern Townships near the USA border have that kind of temperature and weather that you experienced.

Don't despare, summer will be nice just have to wait for few weeks from now.
AND boys undressing too.. LOL!!