Thursday, May 5, 2016

Berned Out

While you know from previous posts that I like Bernie Sanders. I felt the Bern. The problem is, Bernie has berned out. At this point, even with 100 percent of all other states, Bernie couldn't get enough delegates to win the nomination. The Democratic nominee must win 2,383 delegates to secure the nomination, but with only 933 delegates up for grabs in the remaining contests, it is impossible for Sanders to get there just by winning contests against Hillary Clinton. Bernie has racked up 1,444 delegates, but its not enough. His only hope would be to convince super delegates to vote for him, which is highly unlikely.  With Donald Trump now the only Republican left in the race, Bernie needs to step aside and let Hillary consolidate the Democratic base to defeat Trump.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Hillary Clinton, but honestly do we have another choice. From the perspective of Democratic Party unity, Trump's march to the nomination is great news: some Sanders's supporters have made a lot of noise about going "Bernie or bust," but a poll out from CNN on Wednesday found they prefer Clinton to Trump by an 86-to-10 margin. The CNN poll found less reason to believe Republicans would unify around their nominee. In it, only 70 percent of Republicans who backed another candidate said they would support Trump, while 24 percent of them said they wouldn't.

Furthermore, Clinton currently has a 13 point lead in polls against Trump. The Democratic Party cannot be divided, we need to consolidate support. While I'm not a huge Hillary fan, there are many who absolutely hate her and would never vote for her, even against Trump. However, some of them won't vote for Trump either. How many, I'm not sure. People who refuse to vote for Trump or Clinton will either vote for a third party or not vote at all. Both can be dangerous propositions. Hillary has changed a lot since 1992, but Trump is still the blustering buffoon he's always been. So while Hillary is not my ideal choice, I will stand behind her and vote for her, because I truly believe that Trump would be a disaster. Let's hope Trump continues to divide the Republican Party. It will make an easier road to the White House for Hillary Clinton.


silvereagle said...

" Hillary has changed a lot since 1992" and all for the need to list the allegations, you know them. And still you can hold your nose and vote for her? Sorry, the stench is too strong for me. Any of the allegations, four men at Benghazi, Clinton Cash, emails improperly secured, or others, standing alone, would make me hesitate, but when considered together,....too much to overcome.

Joe said...

I find it harder to vote for Trump. It's a case of the lesser of two evils. I think Trump will do far more harm than good, if he did any good at all.

Greggums1954 said...

Very well stated young man. We simply canNOT allow D.T. to become President Trump. Period.

JiEL said...

This is a USA BIG issue but also the whole WORLD one IF D.T. is to be elected as President.
He seems to be so an evil mind and surely wouldn't be well accepted from all Canadians.

I agree that Hillary Clinton is the lesser of two evils but she would be more easily accepted internationally. You, Americans, are not all aware but there are OTHER countries on our planet. I'm a bit hard here but sometime you are too much self centered... D.T. would accentuate that bad image for sure.

Anonymous said...

Jiel, we Americans are very much aware that there are other countries in the world. Mainly because so much of our hard earned money is sent overseas to many different countries. Maybe we Americans should be more concerned with taking care of our own people and stop worrying so much about other countries. Perhaps your country can foot the bill for a while. We Americans need a break on our wallets.


JiEL said...


I know what Americans are facing economically because we are also facing our good jobs and money going in other countries where salaries are cheaper.

What I ment is that even for us, your friend of the north border, we often feel that USA is just ignoring us. Just seing your weather forcasts it's like nothing exists north and south of your borders. LOL! That is a small example here.

For you Americans taking more care of your own people, I totally agree when we see the great contrast between your RICH population and those POORS struggling with money issues. Your social «net» to help them is quite shallow and rare.

We're only 36 million in population but our social welfare and health insurance helps us to be more secure in our country.
We aren't as rich as USA but we tend to be fair for all Canadian. It's not perfect but it is what we can afford .

You had it more hard in 2008 in your economy than we did most of it for the bad decision on mortgages and lot of Americans did spend more money than they should.

Canada and USA are friends but not quite alike..

Anonymous said...

To secure the hard fought rights we have received, and to finally pass laws that make it illegal to be fired or thrown out of your rental housing, we need at least a democratic president and senate majority. The open positio. On the Supreme Court is too important for us to sit on our hands and not vote for candidates who support equality.

I understand the Clinton frustration, but come live in a state that provides no protection for LGBTs and would rather see you dead, that is controlled by republicans. Not a single statewide elective office is held by a democrat and both houses of the legislature have republican super majorities. You depend on the federal government to do the right thing, so Hill looks pretty good.