Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Headaches and America's Headache

Because of lack of sleep Monday night because I was awoken by a headache, I ended up going home from work early yesterday. I wasn't going to write about this headache because I think I write too much about my headaches and depression. I'd hoped that as the depression seems to be easing some and I'm happier (or at least not unhappy) more so than I am sad that my headaches would ease up and get better. Sadly, that hasn't been the case. The good thing is that this cycle of cluster headaches has not been nearly as bad as last years cycle, though this one has lasted longer. Only once (Monday night) have I been woken by a headache. Last year that was happening on a nearly weekly basis. I do think that the depression and the headaches are linked, and I also think that the daily medicine they have me on for cluster headaches has helped lessen their intensity.

And speaking of headaches, what the hell is wrong with Republicans voting for Donald Trump? He is rude, he is crass, and he is a fascist. I feel like I'm in Germany in the 1920s and early 1930s. People are supporting him because of his xenophobic rhetoric and his crassness that makes him appear to be an outsider. Yet, Trump treats this whole thing like a reality show and we all know how much America  loves reality shows. With Ted Cruz out, he's pretty much guaranteed the Republican nomination, which means we have to get behind Hillary no matter what. She is our last hope for a free America.


Michael Dodd said...

May your headache ease and may our national headache be healed, too. Today I am trying to focus on things like flowering trees and playing children, lest I spend too much time thinking about Him Who Shall Not Be Mentioned.

silvereagle said...

If Hillary is our last hope, then we are doomed.....

Susan said...

The unfortunate "reality show" for many of the Republicans has been this: Never Trump could not succeed because not enough Republicans liked the second choice that was available either, and apparently not the third. IMO the choices were appalling even when there were 17 running.

Anonymous said...

Hope the headache eases. In the UK we are gearing up for the "Brexit" vote on 23 June. If I had to wait until November I'd be complaining of a headache too.

JiEL said...

From my Canadian point of view, I can understand how much PAIN USA people are in.

Seems that you'll have the «less worst» choice to make in November. Hillary isn't as clean as she wants to show.
Trump is even struggling with the Republican's establishment which is quite an historical issue.

As you mentioned, it's like being in the 30's in Germany.
To me, Trump is as dangerous as Hitler.
Not in the same military way but in his way to control public opinion.
He's racist, homophobe, anti black, anti abortion etc.. He is against lot of things except «rich-wealthy-white-Christian» Americans.

Hope that «your God» will be there to help America to get over that «black knight» who is getting closer and closer to get in office.

Adam said...

"If Hillary is our last hope, then we are doomed....." I definitely agree tsk3