Monday, May 23, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

I'm hoping to find an inexpensive get away this weekend. I need something to keep my mind occupied. This weekend will be six months since my friend died. Sunday even falls on the 29th like it did six months ago when he died. I do not want to sit at home and brood. I know that there are several of you from New England and the surrounding area, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please help me find something to do and something to keep my mind occupied this weekend.
If you'd like to help fund my weekend getaway, you can click either the donate button or the GoFundMe button in the upper right hand corner. Your donation would be greatly appreciated. I desperately need a mental health weekend.


Anonymous said...

If you live in northern to central Vermont, Montreal is actually fairly close. If you live in southernmost Vermont, then Newport, Rhode Island might be a good long weekend excursion. Newport has all those Vanderbilt mansions from the "gilded age" (think robber barons wanting to live like European aristocrats) and is home to the nation's oldest active synagogue and other colonial era structures. Your best bet might be Montreal if you wish to save money. The Canadian dollar is worth about 75 cents and they are not commemorating their war dead that weekend (Remembrance Day is in November) so staying there should be cheaper than most places in the U.S.

JiEL said...


We are celebrating «Queen Victoria» day. We have also a long weekend up here.

For sure, Montreal is a near destination for Joe. AND yes, our dollar is worthed 75 American cents. So a real good deal.

If I had that info sooner, I'd invited you to see Montreal this weekend because, also, the weather is so nice.
It could have been a first look to prepare your visit with your parents next July.

I can host you because I live in a large appartement with a guest room.

Hope you've found a nice place to visit this weekend.

Friendly yours.
Jean-Luc in gay friendly Montreal.

naturgesetz said...

Another possibility would be the coast between Boston and Portland. Salem, Gloucester, Newburyport, Portsmouth, and Portland are attractive small to medium-sized cities within an hour or two drive of one another. You could get accommodations in one and make day trips to others. I'm sure that there will be cultural activities happening in Portland and probably in Portsmouth. Salem has an excellent museum, the Peabody Essex. Gloucester has the Hammond Castle and Beauport, two fascinating buildings. Newburyport offers a lovely renovated downtown area. Taken together, they have way more than you could want for a weekend, so there is sure to be plenty for you to see and do. You can get more detailed information about each on local websites, I'm sure.

Be sure to bring a jacket or sweater. At this time of year the sea breeze, off 50° water, can be chilly.

If you opt for Canada, I'd suggest Québec City. The old part of the city, within the walls, has the feel of a European city, and it's small enough that you'll be able to take it all in over the course of the weekend —including an excursion to Île d'Orléans, just down river, with traditional farms. Don't forget your passport.

JiEL said...


Yes, Québec city is the oldest city in North America (1608) and very nice to visit.
I even lived there in my teenage time for 3 years.
My relatives are still living in Québec city.
I love to visit them and the old part of it too..

Now must say that it's a 2 1/2 hours trip from Montréal.

Also, the nice point is that the architecture of Québec city is mainly from Britain, the north part of France. I went to visit St.Malo and I was like in the Old Québec city.

Yes, it's a bit cold in Québec city in Spring time but not in Summer. But can be chilly by evening depending on the tides. Yes, there is some sea tide at that point of the St Lawrence rive. It's were the salt water mix with the fresh one.

Lot to tell you about Québec city and Montréal too..

naturgesetz said...

One more thought: something inland that requires no passport (saving the coastal cities for warmer weather — when the sea breeze, less chilly because the water will have warmed up, will be welcome relief from the summer heat).

The "Pioneer Valley" of Massachusetts— the towns along the Connecticut River north of Worcester, such as Amherst and Northampton. Peterborough, N.H., believed to be the inspiration for Wilder's "Our Town," is just a hop, skip, and a jump over the border and to the east.