Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I've decided to go to Montreal this weekend.  I've book a hotel just blocks away from both Old Montreal and The Gay Village.  I am super excited. Now, who has advice for visiting Montreal? I know a few sights I want to see like the basilica and the Museum of Fine Arts. My hotel also has access to the Underground City. I know I want to go to some of the clubs in The Village, so which ones are the best? Any advice will be welcomed. Do I need to get Canadian dollars there or will they take American as well? I know I need to get at least some cash. Also, my French is really terrible. I can basically order food. Is this going to be a problem? I spent three weeks in France once and my limited French was okay. Do most people in Montreal also speak English.  I know these are some dumb questions, but I would love to know as much as I possibly can before I go.

PS Before anyone says it, I have an Enhanced Driver's License so I don't have to have a passport.

PSS Please give as much advice as possible.


Anonymous said...

The Botanical Garden is outstanding; be sure to go if the weather is nice. Also, it is easy and cheap to rent a bike, which is a fun way to get around and in particular to see the historical oldest part of the city.

JiEL said...

In the Gay Village, the most visited bar is the SKY. A big complexe of places to go trough. I LOVE to go on the roof terrasse that had a wonderful view of the Gay Village, Montreal, Jacques Cartier bridge.

If you want to dance, on Saturday night there is the latino dance late in the evening. Also, the Unity dance place is the most popular with all styles of music and many dance stages.

If your looking for male strippers, my favorite is the Campus where are coming from many porn stars. If you get there before 21h, you'll see Alexy Tyler who is a waiter there. A friend of mine. There is also the Stock Bar which is very popular.

As restaurants, there are many good ones: I like the Vietnamese restaurant «The Pho Am Pham» near Papineau metro station. Good food not expensive and you can bring your own wine or beer. You also have the St-Hubert chicken speciality restaurant near Ahmerst street on Ste Catherine street.
If your looking for a really special hamberger, the «Saloon» is THE place to go.

As italian restauraant still in the Gay Village, Torro Rosso is a very fine place to go. As breakfast places, the «Cora» restaurant is a MUST.

While in the Gay Village, pick up a FUGUES free magazine and you have ALl the infos of what is going on in our gay life. Mostly in French you have an English section too. Many advertising adds to help you.

Hope you'll enjoy your visit.

BTW, the St-Joseph basilica on Mount Royal is also a main religious attraction worldly renouned. Many miracles were made by its founder, brother St-André.

I just regret you've spent money on a hotel because I have a friend's bedroom to host you free.. And I could be your guide and help you visit Montreal.

Joe said...

I'd hate to impose on you. If you do want to meet for lunch or dinner while in in town, just email me and we can work out some details. I noticed that Montreal Museums Day is Sunday with free admission to 36 museums and 5 free shuttle routes. I think I'll have a busy Sunday. :-)

JiEL said...

I've just emailed you some other infos.

I surely would like to have a nice meeting for a supper or have a beer at the Sky as a happy hour there: between 5 to 7pm beer is low priced then..LOL !

For USA money, it could be more convenient for you to have Canadian money.
But, if you use an American credit card of debit card (I know debit cards aren't popular in USA but widely used here) your exchange money will be automatic.

So, also, no problem to speak English here. Many Montrealers are anglophones and as we're a touristic place, English is spoken everywhere.

I hope to have the chance to meet you have a nice conversation too.

Mark said...

A couple things:
- Exchange your USD at your hotel, if they it. Do NOT use American money, while some places may take it, you'll lose out on the exchange rate (get screwed).
- Depending upon your bank, notify them of your travel, as they may automatically lock your card if you're going to use it - if it's out of the country.
- Phone service - depending upon your cell carrier, you may want to get an international plan and turn off your data service - use WiFi.
- BEST Argentinian restaurant ever! It's near the corner of Rue McGill and Rue Saint Maurice
LOVE Montreal!

mistress maddie said...

It has been 10 years since I was there last, so I'm sure a lot has changed. Your sites you want to see are off to a good start. The nightlife there was very fun and people very friendly I found. I loved Montreal while there. Your first two guest here have already made some great important tips. I don't speak much French either, and had hardly any problems. There was a lot of English spoken. I think you should take Jiel up on his offer, I bet he'd be a wonderful tour guide!