Friday, May 13, 2016

Pride Celebration

I'm looking forward to having a good time tonight. The Pride Center of Vermont is hosting their 18th Annual LGBTQA Community Celebration to honor those who have made exceptional contributions to the LGBTQA community of Vermont. Along with two friends of mine, I will be going tonight. They will have Inspired food stations with tantalizing culinary delights by Vermont's best chefs. Amazing auction items so you can bid on an experience. I plan to have a fabulous evening surrounded by LGBTQA community.  The celebration is being held at the Echo Aquarium in Burlington and should be pretty fun. If it's not, then we will just go out drinking instead, lol.

I've never been to an event like this before, and I have only ever been to one Pride event and that was a pride parade in Paris ten or so years ago. Pride in Paris is great because if you've ever seen French men, they have the best asses I've ever seen. Italy has the biggest dicks; France as the best asses. Just my personal observations anyway. I got a little off subject there. While this will be nothing like Paris Pride, I do expect to have fun and at least meet some new people.


Michael Dodd said...

Hope you have a great time. Pride events are so much more fun when you go with friends.

JiEL said...

Just get there without any expectation and you'll be surely surprised of what or who you'll see there.

Must tell you that our Gay Pride in Montreal (in August) is also very well worldly famous. Many free shows and the big parade where lot of political leaders are part in.

Maybe you should consider coming in Montreal then.

Have fun and I'm sure that it'll be something you never saw in Alabama.

mistress maddie said...

Have a great time! The aquarium angle sound like it should be cool. Our pride celebrations kick off Monday with events and shows all week, where they will accumulate to the major parties, the parade and festival itself this coming Friday Saturday and will all end with our legendary tea dance. Never had a French man yet...but in my travels I found Dutch men had big hung cocks also.

Anonymous said...


nikki said...

Have fun!