Wednesday, June 22, 2016


My mama used to say, "Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought her back." There is so much for little Isabella to explore and be curious about, and she is doing her best to figure it all out. Last night, she became fascinated with her tail. It provided endless entertainment for her and for me. She definitely has the curiosity down pat.

She's a curious one for me too. I've only known her for a few days, so we don't communicate very well yet. HRH and I had our communication down pat. We knew what the other was thinking and we'd often talk to one another. Right now, I think there are four things on her mind: most of all food, food, food; then play, play, play; potty, potty, potty; and least of all, sleep, sleep, sleep.

She constantly tries to find where on me to nurse, thus the food, food, food. When she's not trying to nurse, she wants to play, play, play. The potty needs come in only when I'm not looking, but that's obviously an important part of her day. Sleep is less so. She will nap for an hour or two at a time, but then she's right back to play, play, play. This includes all hours of the day and night,

I am taking today off. I'm hoping that a day of play will help her sleep through the night and quit waking me up so much. As I'm writing this, she is sound asleep on my belly, which makes this hard to type, thank goodness for my iPad.  I think the chasing her tail tired her out.


Michael Dodd said...

Good luck with getting her to let you sleep! Not a cat's strongest suit. We found that YouTube has a selection of videos for cats to watch, and our pests can sometimes be distracted into a doze by watching videos of birds at a bird feeder.

Susan said...

Good luck with your theory, Joe. You have heard the expression "cat naps," right? She may still be too young to sleep through the night even with a full day of play, play, play. :)

JiEL said...

You remind me of my 3 kids first months...
Lot of nights of being awaken to nurse them.
Specially my daughter that seems to have some barbwires in her bed..

For cats, well you'll have to be patient as a good «dad» should be.
You choose to have a kitten so you have to face those facts.

My 4yo cat, Picolo, is often sleeping all day and night long: less active but he has is moments. Specially early in the morning when he want is wet food.

For your nice and cute picture, it gives me bad souvenirs because on May 18, 12 days after I've adopted Picolo, I took photos of a beautiful cherry tree in the backyard. To do nice ones, I opened ALL the window glasses. Picolo came by my side just putting his front two paws on the side of the window.

Few seconds after, he got back sitting by my side and suddenly jumped on the base of the window and slipped on the plastic base.
He has no more claws so he fell down from my second floor, not being able to hold on.

He injured his left back leg but not broken. OOOOF!
I was shocked and sad too...
At that time, he wasn't the kind of cat jumping high.

Luckily, it wasn't broken and now, after few weeks on 3 legs, he's OK.
He recovered from that accident.

Mike said...

Congrats on the new kitty.

I want a kitty that sleeps on me - not next to me. My dilemma... lol. I am quite ok with my 3.