Thursday, June 9, 2016

Enemies of the State: The Executive Office

I'm very happy that my good friend Susan brought this book to my attention. It is exactly the type of book I like. I love mysteries, suspense, and political thrillers like those written by Dan Brown, Tom Clancy, or Steve Berry, but they never have any gay characters in them, not even secondary characters as there would be in real life. So it was great to see this kind of book written with gay main characters.

Enemies of the State: The Executive Office by Tal Bauer ranks right up there with anything by Brown, Berry, or Clancy. It’s a masterpiece of political intrigue and plot twists set in the near future, and is terrifyingly possible. It builds slowly although I loved the first half of the book as much as the second half (maybe more). And once you hit the halfway mark, hold onto your seat and make sure you have no other plans, because you will not want to put this book down.

This story will have you laughing and crying, but every word is worth it. You’ll fall in love with Jack and Ethan as they are the rollercoaster that brings this wild ride home. A rollercoaster is a great way to describe this book with all it's twists and turns that build you up and up to the pinnacle at the midway point and then it's a fast ride to the finish. The whole ride is thrilling. Enemies of the State: The Executive Office is book one of a three-book series, and I cannot wait for book two to release in the fall.

I haven’t read much in the last six months. My friend who passed away was my main reading partner and we loved to discuss books with one another. He was a particularly big fan of Amy Lane and as much as I love her books, I haven’t been able to pick up one of hers since his death. But I am back to reading now, and loving every minute of it.  Here are a few other books I have recently read:

The Orion Mask by Greg Herren
Dark Tide by Greg Herren
How to Howl at the Moon by Eli Easton
Superhero by Eli Easton
The Skyler Foxe Mysteries (five full-length mysteries, one novella and two collections of short stories) by Haley Walsh

All of the books are worth your time. I just happened to be so blown away by Enemies of the State that I felt it needed a good review and I hope you will check it out.

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Susan said...

Hi, Joe. As with many things in life, what we enjoy is subjective. So it is a great pleasure knowing you enjoyed this book as much as I did. Your excellent review described my own reading experience perfectly, a rollercoaster ride. I too did not want to put this book down—even when bedtime came. It's been a long time since I've felt that way about a story, and I loved it! This first-time author has done a brilliant job with an intricately-plotted story that kept me "turning the pages" as fast as my Kindle would let me click. I will be right there with you waiting for book two in the fall.

Thanks for taking the time to let your readers know about this amazing story. And
I am very happy you are again able to enjoy the pleasure of reading. <3