Saturday, June 4, 2016

Moment of Zen: Cats

My landlady the other day said that I could finally have a cat. Now I just have to find one. My girls back in Alabama are safe and happy and I don't want to upset their lives, so I'm going to adopt a new kitten up here. So far, I haven't found one. I'd like to get a Siamese or Siamese mix. That's what Victoria was if you remember when I used to talk about HRH. She was a great and loyal friend and I'd like to find another who will be as loyal and comforting. I'd settle for a calico if I found the right one, and I did see a calico Siamese mix, but she was an older cat who'd been in an abusive home and I'm afraid I wouldn't be what she needed. Besides, I really want a kitten who can grow up with my love and attention. Any suggestions from those who live near me? I'm willing to travel to get the right cat.


Susan said...

No suggestions, Joe; just a comment. You have so much love to give. There is one lucky kitten out there waiting for you to call it "mine." :)

Michael Dodd said...

I lie nowhere near, so no suggestions. (Come to Wisconsin and I will give you two brindled tabbies, if I can sneak them out of the apartment when Tom is not looking. I would not envy you the drive back to Vermont.) But this is great news. You and the kitten will be blessed.

JiEL said...

I could suggest you some good persons up here in Montreal, but getting the cat back to Vermont could be hard with the customs.

I adopted my «Picolo» 3yo tabbie cat from a cat shelter and must tell you that he's such a loveable cat and quickly adapted to my appartement and life.

So, it's always a guess to adopt any cat. They have their own personality.
In 2014 I adopted a «Serengetti» cat who once in my place did show me no tenderness and more, he was very agressive.

Hope you'll find THE CAT for you.

Anonymous said...

Great news, Joe, and I hope you find a kitten that you like. Keep us informed on how the search is going!

The Academic

Anonymous said...

i have read / heard it is good to get two if you live alone and work. They will have a buddy to play with while you are away. I tried this on my last adoption and they became fast friends.....and they loved it when i came home.

Good luck....


Anonymous said...

Great news! And don't worry too much about breed and even age; if you find the right cat, with a personality to match yours, you will be happy. We adopted our five cats as rescues and I would never look back.

Richard said...

Surely there must be an animal shelter not too far from your college?

Please, please, please seek your next cat at a shelter.