Saturday, June 18, 2016

Moment of Zen: Kittens

My plan had been to go adopt a kitten yesterday, but I got stuck at the office by myself all day and couldn't take the afternoon off. The kitten I'd sort of picked out got adopted, but there are still more at this particular shelter. I'm going this morning to look and see if any want to go home with me. Wish me luck. I really want to bring home a kitten today.


Michael Dodd said...

Good luck to you and to the kitten who will be fortunate enough to be adopted into your home.

Susan said...

Remember my comment a while back, Joe. That lucky little guy or girl is out there waiting for you to say, "That's the one." <3

JiEL said...

My 4yo Picolo cat I adopted from a shelter on May 6th is such an adorable and loveable cat.

I arrived yesterday from a one week trip to Québec city and he greed me with lot of purring and is sticking to me all over the appartement.

Spent the night with me in bed thing he did do before.
While updating my main computer he jumped on the table and slept by my arm side.

Maybe a kitten is more appealing to you but I've adopted a 4yo cat who is super nice and tender.

The advantage is that he is sterilized and has no claws.
I did want this cat because my leather love seat in the living room.

Richard said...

I am so happy to learn that you decided to adopt a shelter kitty, Joe. May she bring you years of joy.