Monday, June 13, 2016

Remember Orlando

The largest mass shooting in US history. It happened during pride month. It happened because a maniac saw two men kissing. A maniac that followed Islamic terrorism and pledge his allegiance to them. A maniac that obtained his guns legally. A maniac that the FBI deemed unimportant. When will we stop this kind of violence.

First of all, ISIL must be destroyed. It's extremists must be driven from US soil. It's extremism needs to be driven from this earth. The United States is not the only country that ISIL has attacked. We are not the only nation that has seen the terror that their extremism brings.

Second, America needs gun control. No one except the military needs military grade weapons. People are not going out hunting with these weapons, they are merely killing others with them. Those who aren't killing others are compensating for their small little dicks. They say that they are protecting their families but who among them protected the 50 people killed or 52 people injured in Orlando? Who among them protected the children who died in Newtown, CT?

I hate guns. I hate the feel of them. I hate the recoil when they are shot. I hate the noise that they make. I hate everything about a gun. I was raised to know how to shoot one, and I am good at it, but it doesn't make me want a gun. It doesn't make me want to fire a gun. It makes me hate them more.

I agree we need laws to protect Americans, but those laws need to limit the kinds of guns that are sold in America. We need to accept that mental illness is real, and people can be easily led by bigotry. Think of the number of people following Trump, a bigot and a fool. There is much to be done and Trump's strategy of creating more bigotry is not the answer, neither are guns.


Michael Dodd said...

Amen, with tears.

Tears for those who died, for those who will live with the flesh wounds and the emotional wounds. For the families and friends touched, ripped, torn. For those who cannot, will not see that the issue goes beyond guns but that any solution, even a partial solution, must include doing something about the guns in which this country is awash. And the hatred, the visceral hatred, that is not healed but rather is fostered by politicians for their own ends.

mistress maddie said...

Beautifully said...a wonderful post. I sadly don't think anything will change. I hate to say that, but I feel of humankind, we can and have not learned anything from our mistakes and history. Instead of moving forward, this is 2016 right, why these issues are still going on is beyond me. It to the point where it is every other day. Should we just keep the flags flying at half staff? I don't see how any politicians can't see there are issues. I guess the ball will get rolling when it happens to someone in their family. Some days I am so disappointed in humans, I wonder why the higher power hasn't thrown their hands up and say I give up on this experiment.

Anonymous said...

What happened in Orlando was tragic. I mourn with the families who are affected. As a fellow gay, my heart aches.

But, neither banning guns nor banning Muslims will solve the violence epidemic in America. Limiting the rights of those who have no ill intent will not protect us from those who seek to kill. This man should not have passed a background check. The FBI failed us.

JiEL said...

I'm speechless with such a horrific crime made by a «fool» .....

Here in Montréal and on all gouvernement buildings of all levels, the gay flag was put in half mast.

I'm so devastated that what happened.

As I often say: I'm so proud to be Canadian and have the chance to live in a country where gay rights are so well respected.

All my thoughts and prayers go to the family of those who died so sadly.

An may your «God» give you and your leaders the courage to do the best so this happens NO MORE... NO MORE SUCH HATE.

Anonymous said...

Either Trump doesn't know when to shut up (&stop making it worse) or he knows & is failing to be mature.