Monday, June 27, 2016

The Weekend

I had a pretty laid back weekend. Not by choice but by necessity. Starting last Wednesday night, I had a bad headache. It lasted through Sunday. After working with this headache Thursday and Friday, I needed the weekend to recuperate. So Isabella and I took it easy. As most cats do, she has taken over the apartment. She knows who is the real queen around here, and she's let me know it. Thankfully, she's a benevolent, kind, and loving ruler. She enjoys watching TV, and mostly she seems to enjoy what I watch. 

Last night was the season finale of Game of Thrones, so we spent much of yesterday rewatching the season leading up to tonight's finale. What a finale it was too! Next season should be very interesting. You may think that I am joking about Isabella watching TV but she sat right next to me with her eyes glued on the screen. She was sitting on a pillow and seemed to quite enjoy the season finale as much as I did. There were parts that I was disappointed about but I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but overall, it was mostly what I expected.

I'm hoping to wake up this the morning refreshed from the weekend and ready for the week ahead. Hopefully, it will be a headache free weekend. We will see how it goes. I hope each of you have a great week too.


Michael Dodd said...

Our cats watch television, too. I used to think cats couldn't see television, heard or read that somewhere. But when in the monastery in Chicago we got two small kittens, we noticed that one would run into the TV room when the set was on, sit down on the floor right in front of it and look up at the screen like a toddler.

JiEL said...


Cats aren't not all the same...

My Picolo loves to lay down and sleep in the small space behind my 55 inches flat DEL screen.
He also like to do it just in front of the screen when I watch TV.

He's so NOT interested on what is going on the screen. LOL!

For Game of Thrones, I also watch it last evening and I'm already eager to see next season.
What an «explosive» ending.

All seems to be set for «The Great Battle».
Troups of the north and Queen of the Dragons are converging toward the Lanister's place...