Sunday, September 18, 2016

Let Him In

There’s a Stranger at the door,
    Let Him in;
He has been there oft before,
    Let Him in;
Let Him in, ere He is gone,
Let Him in, the Holy One,
Jesus Christ, the Father’s Son,
    Let Him in.

Open now to Him your heart,
    Let Him in;
If you wait He will depart,
    Let Him in;
Let Him in, He is your Friend,
He your soul will sure defend,
He will keep you to the end,
    Let Him in.

Hear you now His loving voice?
    Let Him in;
Now, oh, now make Him your choice,
    Let Him in;
He is standing at your door,
Joy to you He will restore,
And His name you will adore,
    Let Him in.

Now admit the heav’nly Guest,
    Let Him in;
He will make for you a feast,
    Let Him in;
He will speak your sins forgiv’n.
And when earth ties all are riv’n,
Comfort, rest, you will be giv’n,
    Let Him in.


silvereagle said...

Inspirational ...very much so.

JiEL said...

I suppose this nice boy's name is «Jesus».

Sur I could let him come in my place...

I'd pray on my knees for sure....

OMG! Religion is so sexy..

Mr. Carpenter said...

Yes, there are parts that I think erotic - as in desire for connection.
The letting Jesus / God into your heart is one.
And then there is the next step: desire for communion: symbolically (or actually, depending on your theology) taking Jesus' body into yours.
Sex an be - should be - sacred.

Do you think there is remote chance I will not go to perdition for saying / thinking that?