Saturday, September 17, 2016

Moment of Zen: Tans


silvereagle said...

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmm a live gingerbread boy...two even!! Let me nibble and eat both!!!!

Susan said...

Gorgeous bodies; gorgeous tans. Thanks, Joe. Lovely weekend eye candy. :)

JiEL said...

Lovely pics and surely many would like to bite those tasty bodies..

Must admit that with the ozone layer issue, having a suntan now a day is very dangerous to have skin cancer.
That's why I more white than tanned.

Some may have special skins that can take this sun but the damage done are too high to make at risk my health. We can see that on the faces of people who are «sun addicts»: they have more wrinkles and bad skin while aging.

Yes tanned bodies are nice to the eyes but dangerous for their health.

Coop said...

Just what the doctor ordered today. (And, yes, I've been away from the blogs forever.)

Joe said...

Good to see you back, Coop.