Friday, September 16, 2016

Something to Think About

Jesus never said a word about homosexuality. In all of his teachings about multiple things - He never said that gay people should be condemned. 
Jimmy Carter


Michael Dodd said...

And yet he said a great deal about how we treat the poor ...

another country said...

... and never forget that Jesus had two dads -- and he turned out fine, to say the least.

JiEL said...

Must also see his teachings and words as a man of a Middle East man from antiquity.

In those days, homosexuality wasn't a word known by them.
Also, in most cultures as Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, being man and having some «sexual» activities between men are part of the way of life.

So, Jesus didn't talk of it because it wasn't a «bad» thing in their culture.

We, modern men, are mistaken to put our values in the teaching of Jesus in matter to justify that Jesus did on didn't approve homosexuality.

Anyway, Jesus did go around with 12 apostles, sleeping, dining, and living together with NO woman really with them. If this is not «homosexual behavior» what is it?
Well it's just the manners of that time where women were used to do children and take care of the house and those children while the MEN go out and take care of bringing food and take care of other things in society.

Just seing how our «modern» muslims are treating their women gives us just a blink of what was the role of men and women in those remote times.
And this is just a SMALL reason why there is a clash between modern occidental way of living and the Middle East muslim countries.
They're not evolving like us.

Two solitudes and two philosophies of life hard to join.

To me Jesus was a great prophet and his teachings are just going toward the GREAT law of LOVE... For the rest, it's just a «modern» interpretations and out of context.
Too many religious weirdoes have said this or that for their own advantage and trying to dominate people.

ALL religions are of that: dominate the many you can and rule them.
We see it now in the way muslim religion is trying to dominate the world.

In your USA, Christian extremists are also trying to do the same.
Religious people are more «haters» than «lovers» which is against the MAIN LAW of
Wake up USA.

Anonymous said...

Joe Blow,
I took the liberty of googling your e-mail address online to see what else you're associated with, and found a site where you posted pictures of two naked guys going at it, sex organs and all. Your prideful sin, your sexual immorality will be your undoing in the end. I wouldn't be surprised to find more. You should be ashamed, sir. The fruit of your work is bad, and you are a wolf in sheep's clothing. You claim to know better than the Christians who go to great effort to honor and fear the Lord by his Word, but regardless of whether you say you do or not, your actions speak otherwise. You're willing to take the chance of eternal hell for the sake of having your cake and eating it too now. Whether you know the scriptures or not, you have little regard for it. Change your heart before it's too late.

jlo said...

Joe, I am sorry that "Anonymous" left such a rude and frankly untrue comment. Also anyone who would leave such a comment should be man enough to put his name to it. I know that you don't need me to defend you, and while I do not know you personally I feel that your compassion, and quality come through with every posting I have read. I learn something from all of your posts about religion. Just wanted you to know that you are Loved.

JiEL said...

@ jlo, I met Joe weeks ago in Montreal and I totally agree with you.This «anonymous» had commented too badly and more, without really knowing Joe.

Also, I agree when you say such bad things you should be brave enough to put your name on it and prove that you're not afraid to sustain your tellings. Putting it without an identification says that you're a coward.

Joe is a nice man, gentle and trying to find good in this world too much filled with hatred, selfishness and violence.

He, like most of us, are trying to do good and feel accepted by our friends and neighbors. We all have our issues but what anonymous guy said isn't even made with proofs of his sayings.

Love will always be winner over darkness and bad in the world.