Thursday, October 27, 2016


Halloween is just around the corner, and I suspect there will be many Halloween parties this weekend. So far I have no Halloween plans, but my question is: do you? What will you be doing for Halloween? Do you have a costume in mind? I just love Halloween. Don't you?


silvereagle said...

I have some household repairs to he done...send this man on down!!

Michael Dodd said...

I also love Halloween and used to enjoy dressing up for the holiday when I worked at the library. My best costume was actually just a face-painting kit with excellent instructions for a cat's face. It turned out fantastic, I didn't need a mask and I wore jeans and a letter jacket. A sort of jock-cat. Totally rocked the look. (I was younger and fitter then.)

Anonymous said...

Joe, I do hope that you are not going to choose that costume. It looks like a recipe for pneumonia to me.

The Academic